New to market this fall is the Tail Table from Space Innovation Labs. The Tail Table advertises itself as the do it all table for road trips, tailgates and simple meals when out and about. So, let’s unpack that while I share our experience with the Tail Table.

Available in its own carrying case, the Tail Table fits easily into the back seat/trunk area of your car, van , SUV or even sprinter/camper van. When packed down, the Tail Table measures 30Lx 14W x9H inches. This includes the carrying case. This bag is easily attached to a rear seat for extra security.

When deployed on the back of your vehicle, the Tail Table can be set up in 4 configurations and will seat 4-8 people. At it’s most extend formation, the Tail Table will hold 200 pounds at the base (closest to your vehicle) and 25 pounds at the far edge. 25 pounds is a lot! You can easily serve a  hearty meal and drinks on it without fear of collapse. We tested ours after a day of pumpkin hunting and were able to carve our smaller pumpkins on the end and enjoy our freshly baked cookies while gutting these poor gourds.

Setup for the Tail Table took around 5 minutes to ensure we had all the pieces and parts in the right configuration. The Tail Table will fit 90% of all vehicles with a U-latch or I-latch trunk latch. My Ford Explorer has a U-latch and we easily attached the table’s connection point to it.

A single support leg makes the connection from the table to your bumper and aids in leveling out the table, even when you are out and about in uneven terrain. Seeing as we were parked in a literal corn and pumpkin field, this leg was much needed in leveling out our table.

When you are not carving pumpkins, you can enjoy meals with friends, old and new, on the food safe and non slip silicone surface.  A dishwasher safe cutting board is the black piece on the back. All pieces are easily wiped down if a dishwasher is not readily available. We were able to easily spray off the gourd guts before packing the table back up!

When fully extended for guests, the Tail Table is a generous 48Lx30Wx3H inches. In the distal end of the table you will find 6 built in wine/martini/stemmed glass holders. These nooks also works as s’mores stick holders so they don’t hit the ground and a trash bag attachment point. In the Deluxe Package offer by Space Innovations Lab, the included wine /beer goblets and tumblers fit perfectly into the beverage holders.

Not just for food, the Tail Table makes for a great desk when working on the road, or just needing a space to upload the latest photos and check your ‘gram. Easily setup two laptops or one with coffee and a pastry to the side. Even your emails will sound more pleasant when they are written from the back of your car, on a Tail Table in the middle of a National Park.

The Tail Table is available for preorder on the Space Innovation Lab website. At the time of this posting, the Tail TableOriginal retails for $199.95 and the Deluxe Package is being offered at $248.95. We recommend this for the weekend sports warrior, the full time #vanlife and the explorer in all of us.


Safe Travels!