Unigear OTG ski goggles:

This anti-fog OTG ski goggle is designed with both men and women in mind, though, due to the large frame, I think it fits best on larger faces/heads, despite being one size fits all.

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You get a spherical magnetic lens, which can be worn over glasses if desired, and the real selling point here is that the lens colors can be interchanged, swapped for day or night, or for different weather conditions.

We tested the Unigear goggles while skiing in the Pacific Northwest, where we have a lot of cloud cover, and liked how easy it was to switch out the various lenses offered.

It comes with a nice hardshell carrying case, making the Unigear goggles easy to pack for other outdoor activities as well, such as ATV riding, snowmobiling, and snocross. 

In terms of UV protection, you get 100 percent U400, with anti-fog, and the fact that the lenses cover all the way to the edges (without being framed) means you get excellent periphery vision and a lack of distortion.

The goggles will fit over glasses of lens size 7.2″ 3.9″, and the adjustable strap is quite generous: I’m sure it would fit over any sized helmet. Another benefit to wearing goggles while skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling: the full face and eye protection, not to mention the warmth, despite full channel vents on top and bottom to enhance air flow and reduce fogging

Pick up the Unigear OTG on Amazon for under $50, with a wide variety of lenses and colors to choose from.

Seirus ComboClava:

Full face protection is so important in the cold, and it’s easy to pack a balaclava in any backpack or suitcase for winter travel. Ours lives in our ski bags, so we’ve bought extra to pack for wintery travel destinations.

Seirus Innovation 8039 Cold Weather Balaclava - Face Mask Head and Neck Protection
  • Seirus Combo Clava Is A Hood, Face Mask & Neck Warmer In One.
  • Neofleece 5 Layer Construction.
  • Contoured Face Mask .
  • 4-Way Stretch Offers Maximum Comfort.

The ComboClava combines the warmth of a fleece balaclava with the structure of a ski mask, essentially giving you a 3-in-1 accessory: hood, face mask, and neck warmer.

The hood is made of 200 weight Polartec fleece, and the stiffer Neofleece face mask is contoured, which I think really helps while enjoying winter recreation, because it makes breathing easier than via straight fleece.

The whole clava has four-way stretch for comfort and a flat seam construction. You can easily wear with goggles (I pair mine with ski goggles all the time). Best of all, it comes in Junior size, too, so you can outfit the kids. For adults, it comes in regular XS-L.

Pick one up on the Seirus website for $26 or look for it on Amazon.

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