The Wolf Pack from Uncharted Supply Co.(MSRP: $89.00): Built for medium-to-large sized dogs, The Wolf Pack is a dog collar that doubles as a first aid kit, and was created following a real-life scare that almost took the life of Uncharted’s beloved mascot, Barron. The light and compact collar features easy-to-remove Fidlock buckle technology that provides a self-securing, quick attachment with double the strength of conventional buckles. This makes the Wolf Pack easy to throw on your pooch for daily adventures. It comes complete with a veterinarian-approved first aid kit to protect against cuts, bites, stings and more, giving dog-lovers peace of mind knowing that they can handle whatever life throws their furry friend’s way.

The incredible story behind the product: The Wolf Pack was created following a real-life skiing accident that almost took the life of Uncharted’s beloved mascot, Barron. Fortunately, his owner, Uncharted Founder Christian Schauf had first aid supplies on hand to save Barron’s life, but the incident sparked an idea for the Wolf Pack – a veterinarian curated and approved dog collar/first aid kit for dogs heading out on everyday adventures. Whether rough-housing at the dog park or hiking rugged, mountainous terrains, medium-to-large-sized dogs everywhere should be wearing a Wolf Pack in case of emergency. Uncharted initially debuted a prototype of the Wolf Pack in 2021, which won Best in Show at Outdoor Retailer, and built significant customer interest in the product. The company carefully considered initial customer feedback to make the product more streamlined and functional for everyday doggy adventures, and after much anticipation, the updated version is here!


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