We are in Boise, Idaho and at the time of this article our entire state is in “Crisis Standards of Care” because the virus we have all come to know, COVID19, is not going away. The higher rate of transmission with the Delta variant has caused our household to reevaluate our face coverings so that we can protect our young kids who cannot be vaccinated.

I was beyond excited when Phunkshun wear reached out to see if we would like to test out their new line of face coverings that meet FEMA AAMI PB/70 Level 2 Isolation Gown Standards. Not only do they come in adult sizes and different styles, they have two sizes for kids.

Youth Face Coverings

Masked up and ready to rock school!

Initially created for athletes who were in need of a more breathable face covering, the Phabric in the youth PH Face Covering is rated a 3/5 for breathability. The outer layer is made from Phunkshun’s AntiPH mock-mesh with integrated Anti-Phunk odor control. To ensure your little one is comfortable in their covering, the inner lining is made from their MAX Wicking mesh.

Available in SM/MD or LG/XL options, I would suggest the LG/XL size for kids 8 and over. Our 12 YO fits perfectly in the SM/MD adult size.

These masks don’t have the nose bridge in them, but that is OK because it’s absence allows for more comfortable all day wear while in school. Our 8 YO finds them to be very comfortable and was excited to wear his “School of Rock” face cover to his school that “Rocks”. The fabrics are very fun for the littles ones! I’m a lot jealous of the sour gummy worm print. Be sure to check out the Skullstache print for Halloween!

Adult Face Coverings

Rated a 2/5 for breathability, the Phurther Original meets or exceeds the highest level of protection standards for cloth face coverings. The Phunkshun Phabric are designed to meet FEMA AAMI PB/70 Level 2 Isolation Gown Standards. Important? ABSOLUTELY! From travels via Uber, planes, trains and large outdoor gatherings, your first line of protection against the germs of others is what you choose to wear.

Outside of procedure masks from work, I have yet to find a face covering that is as soft and comfortable as the Phunkshun Original. The nose bridge is long and strong enough to actually work and help to keep the Phurther in place. I have had no fogging in my sunglasses while wearing this face covering.

The moisture wicking and anti-phreeze material makes the Phurther a great option for outdoor sports and occupations. If ski lifts require face coverings this year, this would be an amazing option! Construction workers, ski instructors and lift operators would really benefit from these as well.

Odie approved

Let’s get into some TMI when it comes to face coverings… Have you ever put on a mask that you have yet to wash or in a pinch borrowed your partner’s mask only to discover how bad it smells? I know it’s not just me. The Phurther line is made from anti-phunk materials to ensure you are breathing in fresh smells every time you put one on.

Washing is a snap! Throw in with like colors and then I air dry ours.

Phuther Originals are available on Phunkshun Wear’s website and come in a couple different fits and plenty of fun and work appropriate prints. Pictured on myself is the Phurther Tropics Original + Nose Bridge.

We recommend the Phuther face coverings for literally everyone in your life. From the student to the Grandparent, travelers and daily communitors, they have a place on their face. The Phuther Original face covering retails for $19.99 and the youth size retails for $12.50. Let’s both update our face coverings for the winter, it’s going to be a hard one.

Safe Travels!