Gregory Swift 22 H2O Backpack Review: is it worth the price?

When you think of an H2O backpack, you probably think of a subpar product that can’t compete with high-end backpacks from top brands like Osprey, Arcteryx or North Face. Well, not always. The Gregory H2O Backpack is a fantastic example of how so much value can be packed into a mid-range price. Read our detailed review to find out everything you need to know about this awesome hybrid pack.

Gregory Swift 22 H20 Backpack

Product Overview

The Gregory H2O Backpack is a lightweight hybrid backpack that’s designed to be used as both a day pack and a travel backpack. This hybrid design gives it the best of both worlds: a lightweight and comfortable fit with a large capacity and long-lasting durability. The pack can be used for day hikes, fitness trips, travel and as an everyday carry backpack. It’s a mid-range price backpack that has a ton of amazing features and is well worth the price if you’re in the market for a lightweight hybrid backpack.

A lightweight and durable day pack

The H2O is one of the lightest backpacks in its class. At just 1.9 kg / 4 lbs, the backpack is extremely lightweight, making it comfortable and easy to carry during the day. It’s one of the best options for lightweight hikes and ultralight travel. The backpack’s durability is also top notch. The backpack is made of a 210D Nylon fabric that’s both water and abrasion resistant. The backpack is also weather resistant and comes with DWR coating for added water resistance. The H2O backpack is also made with a reinforced bottom to protect it from the ground and from abrasion.

Gregory Swift 22 H20 BackpackI brought it along on our recent trip to Costa Rica and was able to use it as both a travel and day backpack for the trip. Although it lacks some features I prefer for a travel backpack, like a clamshell opening, it held all the air travel gear I needed it to.

Even after miles and miles of hiking in the rainforest, the Swift 22 H20 backpack sat comfortably on my body and I was able to carry not only my gear but a vast majority of the children’s as the day went on. Humidity is no joke in Costa Rica but I was able to stay cool with the 3D multilayer foam construction of the back panel.

Pros & Cons

The H2O backpack is an incredibly lightweight, durable and comfortable day back for both men and women. It has a large capacity and can carry a ton of gear without feeling heavy or overstuffed. It also has a ton of other great features like a highly breathable back panel, a large front pocket, a sturdy and padded hip belt, and a top and side handles for easy carrying. The patented bladder from Gregory snaps into place with one click and the handle makes it easy to fill and refill as needed.

The backpack has a few cons, though. Due to its lightweight design, the backpack doesn’t have a lot of extra pockets, which some might find limiting. The backpack also lacks a few features that higher-end backpacks include, like a rain cover and a top pocket to store a travel umbrella. If these features and designs don’t matter to you, though, the H2O backpack is a great choice for an ultralight travel backpack.

Who is this product for?

The H2O backpack is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a lightweight and durable backpack that can be used as both a day pack and a travel backpack. The backpack’s large capacity and lightweight design make it great for people who love to goGregory Swift 22 H20 Backpack hiking and need a lightweight backpack that can carry all of their gear. If you’re looking for a backpack that’s lightweight, durable and can carry a lot of gear, the H2O backpack is a great choice. It’s also a mid-range price, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a high-quality backpack. The integrated bladder is ideal! It’s one stop shopping with the Swift from Gregory!

Bottom line

The Gregory H2O Backpack is a lightweight and durable hybrid backpack that can be used both as a day pack and as a travel backpack. The backpack is comfortable and has a large capacity, making it an excellent choice for people who need a lightweight backpack.

The Swift 22 H20 retails for under $120 and is great for all sorts of adventures! Available in two colorways- Xeno black and Amethyst Purple. I highly recommend Gregory as a staple to your gear closet- we haven’t been disappointed in a product of theirs yet!


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