Practical Travel Gear was established in its present form as a multi-author blog in 2009. Our aim is to review travel gear items that provide good value for vacationers, business travelers, weekend adventurers, and round-the-world vagabonds. As an antidote to the glossy magazines pimping super-expensive skis, watches, and jackets that cost more than a normal person’s two-week vacation, we review practical travel gear that’s worth the money and is going to hold up to frequent use.

All our reviews are based on first-person experience, usually after extensive field tests spanning several trips. All four of us are active international travel writers who are headed somewhere new at least once a month. We hike, bike, ski, kayak, camp, fly, and pound the pavement with what we use before recommending a product to our readers.

Practical Trael Gear Stats:
In most respects we are the #1 travel gear blog on the web, with a new review going up each weekday and a long list of inbound links from authoritative sites.

– We average 18,000 to 24,000 unique visitors per month.
– Our readers spend twice as much time and view twice as many pages as they do on the average review site
– We are on the first page of search engines for 350+ keyword phrases
– Our readers buy more than 250 items per month through our online affiliate links (and who knows how many at retail!)
– Close to 3,000 readers follow us on social media or by RSS and another 30,000+ follow our four writers individually

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