I am a huge fan of Away’s products, and when the company launched this beautiful leather duffel-type briefcase bag that fits perfectly atop the Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase, I had to try it out. Known as The Everywhere Bag, it is the perfect replacement to an aging Briggs and Riley bag that I am currently using.

Let’s start with the outside. It is stunning, clean, and very minimalist in its black leather, nylon, or special fabric material (there are several options to choose from) with only a faint sign of a logo. It has a slim pass through strap on the back so that I can conveniently place it atop any rolling bag. My current larger briefcase is a bit too wide and always sags over the side of the carry-on bag. That looks a bit sloppy, but this bag looks beautiful because it fits perfectly.

Two large handles on the top allow you to carry it as a briefcase or a duffel bag when you choose or to keep your hands on it for added security when sitting on a train or crowded bus. They are large enough that you can wear it over your shoulders if you prefer. There is a hidden pocket in the back in case you need to slide smaller items in there like a passport, keys, coins, or a boarding pass. I appreciated that it is tucked in the back to keep unwanted hands from reaching into the front pocket without you noticing.

Inside the bag, my favorite part is the wide compartment that allows me to store whatever I like. I love the fact that I can put larger items because most messenger or briefcase bags only have space for files and paperwork without providing ample room for toiletries, bottles of water, large cords, and even clothing. The space inside this bag is immense with several zippered and open pockets to separate things for clarity.

I am using pockets for different things: one for pens, the zippered one for more valuable items, one for keys, and one for mints/gum. Then, there is the all-important laptop compartment with a small strap to secure it into place. The bag is not particularly padded on the outside although the leather is a solid and durable material. Luckily, the interior pocket is well padded.

Everywhere BagMy only complaint would be to have a slightly larger interior pocket so that I could put things like a bottle of water or something that stays separated from my other paperwork. There is a waterproof umbrella pocket on the bottom, but that doesn’t really work for a bottle of water. It works just as well. I really liked how there is a small tab that can be tucked into a pocket or dangle outside the bag if you choose to add bag tag to it.

This is a great carry-on bag that holds so much without looking overstuffed. It has not ever attracted unwanted attention from gate agents looking to check any bag that seems too big, and it fits conveniently under the seat in front of me even on a regional jet. There is no way that I would gate check this beautiful bag anyway!

This bag would be especially attractive over my Away Aluminum Edition Bigger Carry-On Suitcase or in conjunction with the Away Signature Garment Bag. Depending upon the fabric material you choose, it ranges in price from $195 to $325 and comes in a variety of colors including navy, asphalt, green, and a blush pink. The Away Everywhere Bag is my new favorite travel accessory and is going with me everywhere.

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