Much like the Away Bigger Carry-On introduced awhile ago, this bag is a real winner when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and actual storage space. But, this bag is a head turner. You may recognize it as one of the signature Rimowa bags often found in Lufthansa’s World Shop. But, there is one notable difference with this elegant, brushed silver polycarbonate hardshell bag, and that’s the price, which is far less than what you would pay for a Rimowa bag.

Away points out that these bags are unbreakable, and the hard shell exterior makes it easy to understand why. What some may find to be a pain on other bags (scuffs and dings), most will find to be a charmer on the aluminum edition bag as it shows just how frequent a road warrior you are. Similar to leather, they are designed to get scuffed up a bit to boost their character. Away calls it a “record of your travel history.”

Built-in USB power ports tucked just behind the top handle are great for those that need to stay connected at all times, and the battery power pack can be easily removed to carry with you to a business meeting or if you have to check your bag. Away has done a marvelous job about working with airlines to make sure these bags are permitted to carry on board and has come up with a handy checklist and rule book to use if airlines give you any trouble.

The Hinomoto wheels are a sure sign of quality and glide easily across any surface (including annoying airport carpeting that seems to slow down other bags). The bag has TSA-approved locks, which are slightly different from the original bag in that they are located on the top along with the heavy-duty bag handle. I really liked how smoothly the retractable handle slides out, too.

Another feature that I loved is the compression pad that squeezes contents in a bit more tightly to make more room for those extra souvenirs you pick up along the way. Just in case bag handlers get a little too rowdy with your luggage, the corners have been reinforced to protect the interior contents. There are plenty of pockets and straps to secure things into place and prevent clothes from getting wrinkled.

The standard size carry-on retails for $475 with the Bigger Carry-On going for just a bit more at $495, both with lifetime guarantees. This smart and sleek bag is something that you will be proud to collect when it comes around the baggage claim belt or is brought to the side of your regional jet. Just make sure someone else doesn’t grab it first out of envy!



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