Away Signature Garment Bag

Away has been making quite the splash with its hard-shelled luggage that comes with built-in power sources to charge up mobile devices. This innovative company was founded by executives from Warby Parker known for its high-quality eyewear sold at more favorable prices than the competitors by selling directly to the consumer.

Away’s latest product is The Away Signature Garment Bag designed to keep clothes wrinkle-free and looking good when traveling. What makes it special is that this is the ideal companion to the collection of rolling bags from Away because it easily fits over the bag’s retractable handle (or any rollaboard bag with a retractable handle) so that it can be easily rolled through the airport, the train station, or down the street.

The bag can be carried alone and looks quite attractive with its streamlined exterior and lack of excess branding or straps. It does come with a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry if you need your hands for a briefcase or to roll larger bags. While the bag is not meant to be overstuffed, it does have space for several garments on separate hangers.

Its exterior is crafted from nylon and leather and resists moisture from easily seeping inside the bag, which is especially important for business attire. The fabric is also meant to withstand scratches and scrapes keeping it looking rather clean and streamlined. It is also resistant to stains and comes with soft leather handles, which are easy on the hands when dragging this bag between different corners of the country or the globe.

For travelers worried about being accosted by gate agents over their luggage size, this garment bag has been approved as an acceptable carry-on item, and it even has a hidden hook that can be used for storage in a closet when not in use.

Especially if this is the only bag you plan to take on a short trip, there is a small exterior pocket that can be used to place loose items like keys, coins, a passport, or cell phone.

Even better, there are six pockets on the inside of the garment bag so that you can better organize your personal belongings from wrinkling your pressed clothes. It also makes it easier to find things like toiletries, cufflinks, and other jewelry while keeping your valuables more secure inside the zipped garment bag.

I really appreciated that the bag itself is not too heavy weighing in at two pounds if you have the shoulder strap with metal clasps attached to it. If you unclip the shoulder strap (if you don’t plan to use it), that can shave off several ounces. This is especially important for travelers that plan to carry this on flights overseas where they are meticulous about weighing carry on baggage.

It comes in just one color (black), but luckily that looks good with any of the Away bag pieces on its line and looks professional even if just carried alone. It retails for $195 on the Away website, and its clean look and clever design make it work every penny in my opinion. Even the way it is delivered is impressive in a large square, thin box that is as design-focused as the bag itself. The bag itself is “en-sleeved” in its own canvas storage bag for extra protection.

My office was abuzz with what could be inside before I arrived to unpackage it. Away seems to think of every little detail when creating their products, which is apparent in their design and function. This is the kind of unisex garment bag that suits a variety of travel needs especially for those that already have one of the popular Away hard-shelled bags.

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  1. David on June 29, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Did you actually use this garment bag or just examine it? Everything you say about it is accurate and can be observed by taking the bag out of the shipping box. However, it would be hard to judge the usefulness of the bag without trying to put clothes into it, I put a 44L suit inside on a normal dry cleaner’s hanger and the dimension of the bag are too short. Although the bag seems to be designed to hold a suit (which I think is the idea), the bottom of the suit is several inches longer than the bag. As a result, the last few inches of the suit would have to be folded over. This seems to be a real design flaw. I had to return the bag.

    Incidentally, I have the Away rolling bag with a pocket and like it quite a bit. Not perfect but good wheels, lightweight and easy to work with. Did not have to return it..