Airlines have a habit of making their carry-on sizers smaller and enforcement of size and weight of bags stricter. Not to mention, every airline has different specifications, which is why the Away Bigger Carry-On suitcase was so thoughtfully designed. It was made to fit the sizers of all the major domestic carries (including the wheels) and weighs about seven pounds when empty.

It is lightweight and comes with its own charging battery, which can be removed and carried separately. Airlines have been tightening the rules on lithium ion batteries, but the company has assured that these are compliant with new airline policies and the TSA. The company even has a link on its website with details on each airline’s policy and proof that this bag is compliant to carry on board if questioned.

The battery is tucked underneath the handle and has USB ports to charge mobile phones and tablets. At the touch of a button, it can be ejected easily to carry in your briefcase or purse to meetings even when not using the bag. It is also quick to remove if you decide to check your bag since lithium ion batteries can not be checked in the cargo hold. You can simply take it on board with you.

A few times, security people have wanted to see what the battery was, but once you remove it and show them what it is, you are quickly on your way again. Another issue I had is that the bag is so popular that other travelers have reached for my bag at the door of regional jets or at baggage claim thinking it belonged to them so be sure to mark your bag appropriately.

The hard-shell case is heavy duty and designed to bend under pressure. It comes in many different colors and features two zippers that connect into a TSA-approved combination lock. I really appreciated the 360-degree wheels that were easy to roll especially on carpet; this really reduces the effort required to push or pull your bag when walking through long airport terminals.

Inside the bag, there are two separate compartments including one for shoes or toiletries and even a nylon bag for laundry. There are straps to secure things so they don’t move around in transit. It is quite impressive how much you can fit into this bag, and thanks to its shell casing, it never looks overstuffed (even if it is!). It retails for $245 on the Away Travel website and comes with a protection guarantee.

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