Relaxing by the River

The Zenbivy Motobed provided me with the best night of sleep I’ve ever had camping. My first use with the Zenbivy Motobed was up in the Sawtooth mountains in Stanley, Idaho. It was about a 6-mile hike up to Imogene Lake which had the most spectacular views the whole trip. I used the XL size Zenbivy which is 9lbs and 12 ounces in total weight and 31 inches long by 10-14 inches in diameter. It is absolutely perfect for short hiking trips, car camping, and simply a good night’s rest wherever your day takes you.

The Zenbivy comes in a carrying bag that you can unroll wherever you decide to camp. Once the bed is unrolled, you blow up the bottom of the mattress to your desired firmness. There is also a dual layer luxury mattress topper on top of the blow-up mattress which provides you with an extremely comfortable sleeping surface. I’ve literally never felt so comfortable camping. I could sleep like I could at home with this product which was unbelievable. There is also an excellent sleeping bag that is provided, which is designed extremely well. When they created this product, you can tell they put a lot of emphasis into creating the most comfortable sleeping pad and sleeping bag combo.

The Zenbivy sleeping bag is not conventional like all the other sleeping bags. The Zenbivy comforter zips/unzips on to your Zenbivy bed and let’s you have more options on how you can sleep because of how the sleeping bag is designed. Most sleeping bags are designed for you to sleep mummy style which limits a lot of movement like side sleeping. The Zenbivy has the capability to allow you to sleep no matter what your style of sleeping is. This sleeping bag allows the movement to sleep anyway you possibly would like to sleep. I am a side sleeper and when using traditional sleeping bags, it makes it difficult to sleep on my side because of the lack of movement inside of the sleeping bag. This sleeping bag allows you to sprawl your whole body out because it’s more of a rectangular comforter which turns into a sleeping bag when you need it for those cold nights.

The Zenbivy also comes with a sheet for your home pillow that nestles inside a pocket of the Motobed so your pillow is locked in place and won’t slip out during the night while sleeping. This portion of the design really caught my interest because of how important that aspect is. While sleeping during camping trips, you are usually on a blown up, uncomfortable, slippery air mattress where your pillow will slide off during the night and cause discomfort. This design keeps the pillow in place and makes you feel comfortable and snug. I’m a true believe of this product and will always use it for a good nights rest when out camping in the wilderness.

I really think this Zenbivy Motobed will transform the way we view camping. Most of the time on camping trips, it is difficult to get a good night’s rest. I’ve camped and back packed all my life and have never slept this good until

now sleeping on the Zenbivy Motobed. Having that extra dual layer luxury mattress topper and the ability to blow up the bottom portion to a desired comfort is a game changer. The sheets on the sleeping pad are comfortable and makes you feel like home. On those hot summer nights, I can use the sleeping bag more as a blanket and regulate my temperature throughout the night and when it’s cold I can zip the sleeping bag up and get as snug and comfortable as I can to keep warm. If you’re looking for an incredible nights rest so you can enjoy nature and all it has to offer, then this is the product for you as it will transform the way you think about sleeping outside.


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