As an experienced camper always on the lookout for top-notch camping gear, I was excited when I was recently sent the  Zenbivy Core Bed 25 for testing. This innovative sleep system combines functionality, ease of use, and impressive technical features to provide an unparalleled camping experience. But- isn’t that what we have come to expect from Zenbivy?


The Zenbivy Core Bed stands out for its exceptional functionality. Its design perfectly blends a traditional sleeping bag with a quilt, offering the best of both worlds. The unique rectangular shape with a tapered lower section ensures ample room for your feet while maintaining a snug fit around your upper body. This thoughtful design eliminates the confined feeling of a standard mummy bag, allowing for more natural movement during sleep.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Zenbivy Core Bed is its incredible ease of use. Setting it up is a breeze, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the intuitive design. The bed features a clever attachment system that lets you quickly and securely connect the mattress to the sleeping bag. Furthermore, the quilt can be easily attached or detached, giving you the flexibility to adjust to changing temperatures with minimal effort. Packing up is equally hassle-free, and the compact size when packed makes it easy to carry on backpacking trips.

Technical Talk

The Zenbivy Core Bed is a true marvel of technical innovation. The mattress is constructed from premium materials, providing excellent support and insulation from the cold ground. The high-quality down insulation in the quilt ensures exceptional warmth on chilly nights, and the durable shell material offers protection from wear and tear. Additionally, the Core Bed’s temperature ratings are accurate, keeping you cozy and comfortable within the specified range.

The bed also features an integrated hood, allowing you to cocoon yourself during colder nights or simply provide a familiar pillow-like feel. The hood design ensures minimal heat loss and adds to the overall comfort of the sleeping system.

Moreover, the Zenbivy Core Bed is designed to be compatible with other Zenbivy products, allowing you to create a modular sleep system according to your specific needs. This versatility makes it a valuable investment for campers who enjoy camping in different conditions throughout the year.

The Zenbivy Core Bed is a top-tier camping sleep system that has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality, ease of use, and technical features. Its hybrid design provides the best of both sleeping bag and quilt worlds, and the attachment system makes it simple to configure based on your comfort requirements. The use of premium materials and thoughtful construction ensures a restful night’s sleep, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

If you’re a camping enthusiast looking to upgrade your sleep experience, I highly recommend the Zenbivy Core Bed. Embrace unparalleled comfort and convenience on your next outdoor adventure with this fantastic piece of camping gear.

Core Bed 25° Synthetic + Base Mattress Bundle retails for $414

Core Bed 25° + Base Mattress Bundle retails for $484

Core Bed 10° + Base Mattress Bundle retails for $544


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