Whether you’re on a road trip, hitting the trail, or camping, those who love cocktails often find that carrying along all their favorite fixings is too much. Glass bottles are heavy, pouring ready-made drinks into zip-lock bags can be challenging, and buying an overpriced yet forgettable cocktail at that bar isn’t always the best move.


I’ve been testing canned cocktails lately, to see how they taste and hold up to an adventure, and my hands-down favorites so far are Buzzbox Premium Cocktails.


These ready-to-drink cocktails are in four-packs of eco-friendly tetra-pack packaging. Sure, they look like adult juice boxes, but this type of packaging creates 253% less climate change impact than glass bottles, and 333% less than aluminum cans (based on kg CO2 per 1,000 packs).


The single-serve cocktails are between 12% and 14% ABV, depending on the type you choose, and contain top-shelf spirits with natural ingredients. They don’t contain preservatives, additives, or artificial colors or flavors.


Store your Buzzbox cocktails wherever you want, because they have an 18+ month, non-refrigerated shelf life). They don’t need to be kept chilled until you want to drink them. They can be chilled, stored at room temperature, and re-chilled for use over and over until you finally open them up.


I’ve enjoyed my Buzzbox cocktails at home, camping, apres ski, at the beach, and at the trail’s end. No need to pack a glass if you’re cool with drinking your cocktail out of the box. It may bring back memories of juice boxes from your school lunch—but these are better. It’s good to be an adult, sometimes.


Available Buzzbox Premium Cocktails are: perfect margarita, vodka lemonade, Long Island, whiskey lemonade, Cuban mojito, classic cosmo, hurricane, classic greyhound, and bloody Mary. Four-packs list for $13.99 each on the Buzzbox site, or find them at a retailer near you.

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