Stylish watches are everywhere. They come in different shapes and sizes with large faces or small faces. Personally, I have become a big fan of any watch that has interchangeable features like the face of the watch and the arm bands so that you can customize it with your mood for the day. Or you can make it work whether you are dressing for a business function or just out on the town. The Conductor is part of Solgaard’s Men’s Hex Watch Collection, and it fits the desire for functionality and easy changes perfectly.

First, it has a unique watch face shaped like a hexagon that immediately sets it apart from other standard watches. I wore it for just three days before getting friendly comments or questions about where I got the watch. The look is masculine enough without being clunky or weighed down by useless knobs and hefty cases. The watch easily tucked underneath the wrist fabric of my dress shirts without awkwardly protruding.

I really liked that the hexagonal corners are not sharp so that if you were to scratch it against your skin, it feels fine. The watch face is made of stainless steel and has a very elegant look to it. Honestly, I think it looks more expensive than it really is (it retails for $150 on Solgaard’s website).

Designers say that the hexagon shape is inspired from its many appearances in nature from snowflakes to honeycombs. The hexagonal shape makes it easier to tell time (despite there being no numbers printed on the watch face) since round watches typically have no right side up. I guess if you are looking at your watch while bleary-eyed after a long flight and jet-lagged that can be especially important.

It is not surprising to learn that this Scandinavian company brings a classic design-focused look to their products, which also include bags and other accessories. I am not a fan of large watch faces because they do not easily tuck into your dress shirt wristband as easily. The versatility of this watch makes it perfect for any occasion, and the colors can always be organized around what you are wearing.

Solgaard has both men’s and women’s collections, and each comes with Japanese Miyota movement technology inside the watch that keeps the hands running smoothly and quietly. The straps come in several colors and textures and can easily be removed and replaced in minutes. All it takes is a quick slide of the pin on the top and bottom of the watch face to disconnect it from the straps to insert another pair. Don’t worry, it is not something that could happen with the flick of a wrist. I have found that other watch straps, while easy to remove, can sometimes come loose while you are wearing it.

The watch comes with an international warranty, and the watch is water resistant in shallow water. When you open the package it comes in a sturdy black gift box with a heavy lid that already gives the product a luxury look and feel before you even put it on your wrist.

It’s easy to scratch the surface of some watches, which can ruin their look forever, and I was impressed at how durable the scratch-resistant watch face and fabric strap material were for this watch. It does not feel particularly heavy on your arm either.

If you are looking for a minimalist and clean design with high quality materials and no extra distracting features, the Solgaard Men’s Hex Watch collection’s The Conductor watch is an ideal option. It makes a great gift just in time for Father’s Day, too!

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