I wasn’t familiar with Six Moon Designs until testing out their ePouch, designed specifically for travel days. They are known for their line of affordable, practical backpacking packs and tents, which have a utilitarian, streamlined look to them.

It can be hard to find a travel bag that falls in the category between backpack and purse/fanny pack, and I should know…I’ve tried out quite a few. Either they’re too big to use as a day bag/purse, or they’re too small to be of any use. The ePouch is that ‘just right’ size that will fit what you want to have with you— phone, wallet, passport, water bottle–with room for stashing a light layer or a small souvenir. It was designed, developed, and tested over a period of two years, while ‘on the road’ traveling, and the attention to practical needs shows in the design.

I almost always use a larger tote or backpack for airport travel, so I can also fit my laptop, but I may have to re-think that, because the ePouch also incorporates a Power Port for charging devices without having to take them all out of the bag. A single power cord runs from the ePouch to the wall, perfect for security.

Additional features: you get lots of pockets and organizational sleeves, including a front pockets for your phone, etc, a zippered RFID pocket (I can’t tell you how important this is!), a zippered security pocket, a zippered back pocket, an interior zippered mesh pocket (good for cables and small items), two water bottle pockets, and interior four-way stretch pockets. Told you there were a lot!

You can carry the ePouch cross-body or over the shoulder with the long adjustable shoulder strap. It flattens very small and light in your carry-on if you, like me, need a backpack or larger bag for that airport travel day but want to use the ePouch at your destination. For instance, I just took mine to Belize, where I unpacked it once at our eco-lodge and used it for day trips and trips to town.

You can pick up the ePouch for $80 at the Six Moon Designs website, or look for it at Amazon. The company also makes a traveler backpack perfect for around-the-world travel or that backpacking trip across Europe you’ve been eyeing.

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