Uh oh…my down blanket obsession is starting to look as serious as my insulated vacuum mug obsession.

And Rumpl isn’t helping: this brand has been offering some of the best down blankets on the market today for active travelers and adventurers.

My latest love: their Sherpa Puffy blanket, ideal for winter travel as well as all-season outdoor life (as the temps always get chilly in the mountains I play in once the sun goes down, despite the season).

The Rumpl Sherpa Puffy is their plushiest. It looks thick and heavy when rolled, but open it up, and you’ll realize this blanket is practically light as air.

In fact, my husband and I wondered if it would even keep us warm enough the first time we tried it on a chilly but not freezing January evening in Oregon.

The verdict: the combination of the plush Sherpa fleece on one side and the matte nylon fabric on the other keeps warmth in. As long as you have the blanket tucked around you, you’re set.

The Sherpa puffy feels like hugging the softest ‘stuffy’ or teddy bear, but is practical, too.

It has a built-in roll-up feature that easily allows you to roll the blanket and secure it with included nylon straps that tuck into a secured pocket on the blanket.

I love this: the straps (with metal buckles) are out of the way when you’re using the blanket, but you’re not in danger of losing them. (We may have lost a Rumpl stuff sack or two in our day.). By the way, that reminds me: I’m glad I don’t have to stuff this one…it’s too thick!

The Sherpa puffy’s natural habitat is probably your vacation cabin or ski condo during the winter months, but I wouldn’t hesitate to bring it on car camping trips in the summer, too.

It will also join its down blanket brothers in the back of our car on longer road trips, ideal to unroll and cozy up with for a nap in the back seat. And it’s always good to have a few travel-friendly blankets with you in case of emergency.

Pick up the Sherpa Puffy for $159 in three colors (light blue, forest green, and a fun plaid). And if you’re looking for a traditional down blanket (stuffable), consider Rumpl’s newest colorway: the Baja Fade. Gorgeous!

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