Are you ready for a pack that can travel both locally and worldwide? The women’s Tamangito Pack 20L from Patagonia is just the pack I would suggest.

The Tamangito Pack is as functional as it is beautiful. Constructed from recycled Nylon, the exterior of the pack is sturdy. The shoulder straps are slimmer, for a woman’s body and boasts a daisy chain on both sides. The chest strap is removal and adjustable. I love how the chest strap elastic and will provide some give when cycling, sightseeing, and exploring the urban terrain of a new city.

2 water bottle pockets can be found on either side of the Tamangito Pack. They can expand for your favorite vessel of choice. The front pocket of the Tamangito Pack is deep and can hold a lot. I have shoved jackets, my kid’s jackets, extra snacks, etc. into this pocket. The zipper for the front pocket is not as exposed as the top zipper making it less noticeable for any pick pocket-ers you may encounter.


The interior the same fun melon color of the grab straps at the top- a coral pink with extra organization. On the front flap of the Tamangito Pack can store keys, loose change, metro cards, etc. The padded laptop sleeve is so well done with the diagonal pocket. This may also be the most padded laptop sleeve we have reviewed.

Before we get into the materials and coating, I wanted to talk about the grab handles on the bag. Not only can they be used to carry the bag like a briefcase, they are the ideal handles for when your Tamangito Pack is stored under the seat in front of you when traveling. The snap at the top will ensure they stay together and not flap in the wind on your bike ride. Yes, Please!



Back padding on the Tamangito Pack is just as impressive as the padding of the interior. A gentle pattern breaks up the padding along your spine for a more comfortable and longer wear. Both the shoulder straps and the back padding use heat venting mesh to aid in keeping you cool.

In addition to the rugged outside constructed from recycled nylon, the Tamangito Pack is lined with recycled polyester. By using recycled nylon, Patagonia is becoming less reliant on petroleum and utilizes discarded material and makes them beautiful again.

Both are treated with a polyurethane coating and are water resistant. Patagonia is working hard to reduce its impact on the environment. They are committed to coating noncriticial products with a DWR that is PFC free by Fall of 2022. That is 90% of their product lines!


Family Affair

While the Tamangito Pack was constructed for adults, all the kids in my house fell in love with it. My 11 year old made me show him the other colors and, I quote, “would totally rock this at school and make my friends jealous”. He’s hoping for the Black while the 7 year old is making a very good case for the Camp Green.


What Would I Change?

The front packet of the Tamangito Pack has a midline seam that I WAS CONVINCVED was a 4 way stretch pocket when I first saw it. It is not. Wouldn’t it be great if there was stretch so you could put your helmet in the bag, or the extra clothes your children don’t want to carry? Maybe even a basketball! There’s a lot of potential there.

I don’t necessarily support this backpack for hiking. It’s not technical enough and there is no way to attach a hip belt, which is my preference. The shape is also a little boxy for anything longer than a quick happy hour hike. However, the back fit great on a bike ride.

Final Thoughts

I love this bag. My kids love this bag.  It is great travel companion, and workhorse for daily living and commuting. Might I also add, it is the prettiest bag on my commute. In a world of black, be bold.

The Tamangito Pack retails on the Patagonia site for $79. The durability of the bag makes it great for just about anyone. Depending on how this homeschooling with COVID 19 goes, I may break and grab these for the kid’s school next year. It will outperform anything I find at the big box store.

The Tamangito Pack comes in five colors: Black, Camp Green, Berlin Blue, Smokey Violet and Classic Navy w/ Mellow Melon (pictured).

It would make a great graduation, birthday, Christmas, any-day-that-ends-in-y gift. But who needs a gift when you can treat yourself? That’s right. You earned this all around bag.


Stay home and stay safe!

Until we can travel again, cheers!


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