I have been using a women’s Osprey Aura 50 liter backpack for overnight camping and backpacking since about 2013. I will probably never use another brand again, and feel no need to upgrade my Osprey pack to the newest Aura version, either: I am simply that satisfied with its performance.

My teen and husband, however, were in need of packs, so we looked to the Osprey Atmos 65 liter for men. It did not disappoint.

osprey atmos

Like the Aura, the Atmos AG includes Osprey’s patented anti-gravity suspension system, which combines outstanding ventilation with a cloud-like carry…you literally do not even feel the pack on your back, and the weight is evenly distributed in a manner I have yet to see matched.

This pack was all over the Pacific Crest Trail when my son hiked it last summer, and we now understand why.

In addition to the suspension system, you get a removable floating top lid (the pack is top-loading, which to me, is its only negative feature…I like to open my bag via a U-shape for easier access).

But the floating lid means you can adjust it to fit both large and small loads. The dual zippered front panel pockets provide extra storage to items that need to be readily accessible…usually, we store items such as rain covers and outerwear here.

You get compression straps both outside the pack as is expected and internally, to help tighten down and reduce the volume of your load on the inside, and plenty of tool and trekking pole attachments.

The harness and hip belt are fully adjustable, of course, and the flap jacket allows you to close up the pack even without using the top lid at all. One of my favorite features is the outer mesh pocket, which is awesome for storing bear spray. But truly, the feature that makes this pack is the anti-gravity system.

You simply have to try it to fully understand. Even a lap in the store with sand bags will give sell you on this pack.

It comes in small, medium, and large, and like with all packs, you’ll want to get your torso sized in a retail store such as REI before buying…size matters quite a lot. You get your pick of three colors, including a vibrant green, graphite, or cinnamon red. You really can’t go wrong on the color front.

The pack retails for $260, and is well worth the investment, though it looks like you can save a few buck buying on Amazon.

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