Known for a lengthy roster of travel gadgets, gear and accessories, Nomad started 2020 by launching yet another iteration of its popular travel wallet. The Nomad Leather Passport Wallet Modern Edition comes stitched with the best quality Horween leather from the Horween Leather Company of Chicago, which has been in business for more than a century.

Practical use

This passport wallet is just the right thickness. It is not too thin to only carry a few things, but also not too thick so that it is difficult to fit into a briefcase, purse, or overcoat pocket. Inside, there is a passport slot so that you can put the sturdy exterior cover of your passport securely into place.

Personally, passport holders are more a function of keeping your identification safe when not using it. I often find that when you need it, it almost always needs to be removed from any cover. This passport wallet helps me to stay organized although I am often asked to remove the passport.

There are four separate pockets to hold up to eight credit cards, identification cards, room keys, or other things that you might keep in your wallet. That is not to mention that there is also a billfold for currency. When I am not using a travel wallet, I keep foreign currency and my passport locked away in a safe so that I know exactly where to find international documentation and money when I need it.

The wallet measures about 18 inches long and about 13 inches wide. Nomad says that it is designed to be a replacement for a traditional wallet. Some may not like the thickness of it if they choose to wear it in their back pocket, but those that keep it in their briefcase will find that it holds quite a bit.

I especially liked how lightweight it is and that the interior has a non-slip microfiber surface that keeps items from sliding out unexpectedly. The card pockets are deep, but not so deep that it is hard to pull out your card easily or see which card that it is. I wish there were at least one pocket that were deep enough for me to fit more than a couple of business cards. That way, it would be the perfect replacement for the times when I do not want to stuff my pockets with them.

Practical upkeep

Horween leather is designed to age gracefully, which means that it might bear a few scuffs and scrapes as it is used. Still, the quality and functionality of the wallet is always maintained. Think of it like a well-used suitcase whose dings and scratches bear the marks of a well-traveled person. Nomad recommends using a leather conditioner that can be brushed across the surface to maintain the shine and overall look of the wallet.

Even if you treat the exterior of the travel wallet, it still maintains that rich and distinctive leather smell. This is the perfect kind of travel wallet that you can give as a gift, especially if it is monogrammed.

The double lining of exterior leather gives it a cushy and comfortable feel to carry around without it being too bulky. The vegetable-tanned leather was made in the United States with attractive stitching around its frame.

The Nomad Leather Passport Wallet Modern Edition retails for $59 on the Nomad website or travel accessory retailers. It delivers a fashionable utility that complements the modern-day traveler’s arsenal of gadgets and gear. Another positive feature is that it can be matched with other Nomad products giving travelers a coordinated look between their travel accessories.

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