Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

You will make a lot of new friends with the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub with four power outlets that allow everyone to charge up from one power source. Additionally, there is a wireless charging station on top of the device for one more source of power.

Design and functionality

The first thing you will notice is how sleek and stylish the device looks, which means you can leave it sitting out on your desk or kitchen countertop without it looking clunky. A matte, rubber surface is on the top of the device, and when you are using the wireless charging, it looks just like a stand for your phone.

Underneath are the four USB power outlets, and the cords tether towards each other to come out of only one small opening at the bottom of the device to keep them organized. There is a 7.5W Qi charger on the top, a USB-C fast-charge capable port, and USB-A ports beneath. AirPods and can also wirelessly charge using this device. The rubber base on the device keeps it firmly in place on any surface.

The side of this large device has LED lights to indicate remaining battery power for the device. If you want to charge devices at night, the lights are designed to dim slightly while remaining bright enough to view in any ambient light. That’s especially helpful when you’re trying to sleep because flashing charge lights are a big pet peeve of mine. Also, the lights change colors to indicate when devices are fully charged depending upon the port they are using.

For those that are only looking for a wireless charging device, this might be too large, but the addition of extra outlets makes it worth it. This is a solid addition to any office or for a family living room. Business travelers will appreciate the numerous options for charging all of their devices simultaneously when time is of the essence.

This is also a great way to charge up any power banks at the same time as you charge other devices. That way, you can take your power bank with you when you travel and have everything fully charged. The device itself does add a bit of weight to a carry-on or checked bag, and it is not necessarily easy to stuff into an already full briefcase. Still, it packs a big punch when it comes to charging multiple devices at once.

How’s the power?

I really liked how I was able to charge numerous smart devices and tablets at once. The wireless charger took me a little bit of time to get to work, but I am not necessarily the most tech-savvy person. The fact that I was able to figure it out means this is easy to use for almost any novice user.

In addition to smart phones and tablets, some laptops can be charged with this device, too, which speaks to the power of this charger. AirPods, cameras, and Go Pros can also be charged with this; basically, you can use it to charge anything with USB-compatible ports.

The device comes with its own charging cables, but it is easy to use the USB cables that come with your own things if you prefer. The speediest charge for some Apple devices comes from using the Apple cords and not the Nomad cords.

When it comes to maximum efficiency, any device that lets you charge multiple things at once is a lifesaver. The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub retails for under $80 on the Nomad website and makes a great gift for families and frequent travelers alike.


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