Lander has developed the greatest phone case for all picture loving, selfie taking moms. Well, anyone really, but as a mother, I am always trying to capture the moment to prove to the kids they had fun on an adventure.

Lander Moab Phone Case
  • Thermoline Temperature Control To Keep Battery A Peak Performance.
  • Anchor System With Lanyard To Prevent Drops.
  • Military Grade Drop Protection In A Thin Case.

Or is it to prove to family & friends that they like it? Either way, Lander’s new Moab phone case is exceptional.

I am so pleased with the design of this Moab phone case. When we were contacted about reviewing it and it was described as having a wrist strap I immediately turned to the hubby and yelled, “they stole my idea!”.

I have been waiting for a durable phone case that can withstand the arm outstretched picture taking, in the moment mom that I am. And boy does it perform.

Wrist Strap Feature

My first love of this Moab phone case. We first took it out on a boat. Choppy waters, freezing children and cold hands all around. The wrist strap provided the extra protection while we were crusing through some rough waters and I decided to document.

The wrist strap also allowed me to drop my phone and help with fly away wrappers, hats and sunglasses that went for a swim or where caught up in the wind.

Two things, happened. One, my phone never hit the ground, shattering into a million pieces and it never took a swim in the ocean off the coast of Belize. Win-win.

The wrist strap will also come in handy this winter when we are on the ski lift and I HAVE TO take the eye-frozen-open photo.

The wrist strap is removable. I don’t recommend it once you are used to it. See below.

Outer Shell:

My second love of this phone case. Between our cold and wet hands, the phone never felt slippery and even the littlest at four could easily handle it.

Not to mention the colors are rich without being flashy. So much awesome in one little phone case.

In bedded in the phone case is another gift to every mother- Thermoline. We tested this feature every hour of the day while in Belize.

At 95 degrees and 88% humidity, there was never a great place to place the phone so it was out of the heat. While our friend’s phones were burning through battery life and burning up, my phone was a champ, staying on and functional.

I thought the case, with it’s darker color, would be too hot to the touch when we tested the phone out in the elements but it was no warmer than the towels that were also left in the sun.

Thermoline is designed to protect the phone from the effects of climates ranging from 0-degree F to 120-degree F. With those extremes in temperature, we can see why it was named the Moab.

Drop Zones

Did I mention I am a mom? 😉

And with that comes shoving phones into pockets, handing phones to children and volunteering at school. With all those comes increased rates of phone dropping.

One day, I took off the strap because I needed a quick key chain for a set of keys. Without the strap to attach to myself or my child my phone took a couple 3-4 feet drops that would have destroyed it had it been in anything but a Lander phone case.

Why is it that phones always land jelly side down?

While the falls were impressive, the absolute lack of damage not only to my phone but to the phone case was even more impressive and is what will keep me a loyal customer to Lander.

With a price point of $39.99 at the time of publishing, that is cheaper than a new phone. I just discovered the Brenner Sleeve for my Apple MacBook… Momma’s found her birthday present!

A Great Gift for EVERYONE on your list

Lander Moab Phone Case
  • Thermoline Temperature Control To Keep Battery A Peak Performance.
  • Anchor System With Lanyard To Prevent Drops.
  • Military Grade Drop Protection In A Thin Case.

The versatility of this Moab Phone Case from Lander can be given to the busy mom in your life, the adventurer and hiker friend, the tweenager who is clumsy, the grandparent who is losing dexterity and needs a case with a little more grip and even the stair master queen who need to check her Instagram and snap chat feed while 7 feet in the air, walking on rotating stairs.

Head to Lander site and sign up for 15% off your first order. Some items can be found on Amazon as well.

Get to snapping and making memories!

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