Keep it all Together with Herschel Chapter Carry On Travel Kit

Despite the many wonders of travel, the actual airport/airplane experience is among my least-favorite elements of going on a trip. I know I’m not alone. While I’m not going to ground myself just because I’d rather get that part over already, I do try to streamline my air experience so I can get through it with as much pleasure as possible.


On long flights, I’m likely to need something in my carry on (the one I’ve placed beneath the seat in front of me) a few times. When the person in front of me has reclined their seat, however, it’s a task I don’t love. I use a Herschel Chapter Carry On Travel Kit to contain most of the items I know I’ll really need (things like a pen, notebook, lip balm, moisturizer, charging cable, phone, earbuds, mints, and sanitizing wipes) and keep it within reach so I don’t have to go for the larger bag very often.


The kit measures 5.2 inches high by 8.5 inches wide by 3.2 inches deep, like a streamlined dopp kit. The main compartment has a waterproof zipper, and there’s a zippered front pocket, as well. There’s an internal mesh storage sleeve, and like other Herschel bags, the kit has the brand’s signature striped liner.


There’s a good-sized carrying handle, which helps when you pull it from your carry-on bag, or if you want to hang it for easier access.


The Chapter Carry On Travel Kit comes in a variety of colors and prints, most of which list for $29.99: night camo, daybreak, ash rose, porcelain rose, paint pour multi, black, raven crosshatch, cloudburst neon, ensign blue crosshatch, Navy, black/saddle brown, ivy green, tea rose, black/blue ashes/blue Curacao, Sulphur spring, warp butterflies, optic check black, black crosshatch, sunflower field, and neon blue. Three additional colorways—neon blue, Sulphur spring, and black/blue ashes/blue Curacao—list for $32.99. All are available on the Herschel site.

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