Traveling can really kill a healthy diet. Whether you’re rushing to catch your flight and grab something fast in the airport or just suck it up with airplane food, you dive in to the hotel breakfast buffet, or enjoy a few extra adult beverages—a vacation (or even a business trip) can take a toll on your meals.

I’ve taken to carrying a small bag with snacks and light meals when I travel, so I’m prepared for those moments when I sigh, “Oh well,” and grab a snack at the airport lounge or say yes to salty airplane food. And that small bag is usually packed with Patagonia Provisions.

More than bland energy bars to get you through, Patagonia Provisions options range from organic savory grains to buffalo jerky to wild salmon to organic fruit and almond bars. My breakfasts are usually one of those bars paired with fresh fruit or a package of organic breakfast grains (which come in either banana, red raspberry, or tart apple flavors).

Lunch or dinner can feature organic soup (tsampa, black bean, green lentil) or red bean chili (spicy or original), organic grains (mushroom and kamut Khorasan wheat or green kale and kamut Khorasan wheat), organic mussels (smoked, sofrito, or lemon herb), and wild sockeye salmon (original or lemon pepper).

Snacks can be any of the above, especially when checking into a hotel late at night and you still haven’t had dinner, or even a package of savory seeds (barbecue, mellow curry, or chipotle lime flavors) or buffalo jerky.

I’ve used most of these items in meals at home, as well, and nobody noticed that they came from packages from my suitcase.

One of my favorite things about the Patagonia Provisions line is that all the delicious items are more than just convenient, packaged snacks. It’s good food with a story from the place of its origin, much like the food you encounter when you’re traveling—that often becomes part of your experience. And yes, it’s healthy.

Get your favorite blend of edible snacks on the Patagonia Provisions site. Prices start at $7 and range upwards, depending on particular package choices.

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