Whether you’re traveling or at home, space to store your gear isn’t always a given. We don’t all have a gear shed in the backyard, extensive space in the garage, or even a spacious hotel room or tent. When it comes to managing sports and recreation equipment and organizing adventure clothing and gear, options can be few.


An excellent basic solution that doesn’t require adding additional real estate or tent space is the UTTy portable gear management system.


Weighing 5.4 ounces, the UTTy is a versatile hanger that requires vertical space instead of horizontal space. Think of the two wall hooks in that budget hotel, or the gear loop in your tent. The UTTy hangs vertically, and has four 2-prong hooks that run the length of a 5-foot strap. You customize it, so you get to determine the space between each of the four hooks.


The system can accommodate both heavy and light items, and has a 75-pound hanging capacity. When you pack it up into its carry bag, the entire thing fits into the palm of your hand, so it packs easily.


Consider the UTTy for kids’ sporting gear, like soccer, baseball, football, hockey, and lacrosse. It’s also excellent for skiing, fishing, and camping. When you’re traveling, it gives you more closet space when you don’t really have a closet. Those lucky enough to have a costume close can use the UTTy to organize costume items.


When it’s time to clean, just toss the strap into the washing machine, or rinse the whole thing off with a hose.


The UTTy lists for $35 on the UTTy site. Included in the carry bag is a 5-foot hanging strap and four heavy-duty 2-prong adjustable hooks. Assembly is required only once, and from then on, it’s always available to hang your gear.