I am all about looking for convenient and efficiently sized travel accessories that fit into my carry-on bag without taking up too much space. Bulky electronics cables and chargers are some of the worst culprits when it comes to size. That’s why the Dart laptop charger was intriguing. The company says it is the world’s smallest laptop charger, which is cool, but I wanted to see if it packed the same kind of big charging punch that I would need for long uses away from a power outlet.

It works with most laptops and charges fast and furiously, which is super helpful especially when on an airplane without any power ports. There are nine tips included in the package so that it works on almost any type of laptop. Another unique bonus is that if none of the tips that are included in the box fit with your laptop, the company will mail you one that is compatible, which I found to be very impressive.

Plus, there’s a USB port to let you charge two things at once (like a mobile phone and laptop). I had no problem getting a full charge out of it for my laptop and iPhone simultaneously. All of this fits into a small travel pouch so that it can stay tucked away and organized in your bag or look orderly if you are carrying it into a meeting.

The charger itself is lightweight and comes in a variety of different colors. I appreciated that the 6-foot cable was long enough to keep me from being stuck to the wall, but not too long to get tangled with other cords or look messy.

It retails on the FINSix website for $100, but can also be found on Amazon.

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