Put “Mellow,” “Getaway,” and “Cushe” (pronounced CUSH-ee) together in the name of a shoe and that’s gotta be something worth packing, right?

Mellow Getaway

Indeed it is, and I’ve been putting this pair of Getaway shoes in my bag for each getaway.

Often in my travels I need to have hiking shoes and/or something good for pounding the pavement, or maybe a pair of water shoes for something wetter. Flip-flops and sandals are good to have for beach trips. But all of those look pretty goofy when it’s time to put on a collared shirt and a pair of decent pants to look respectable for dinner. I’m not going to bring along a stupid pair of dress shoes though just for the nighttime.

That’s where casual travel shoes like my various Cushe ones come in. They’re comfortable and can hold up for a reasonably long walk, but they don’t look clunky or slobby with a pair of slacks. Most of the ones I’ve reviewed before have been loafers, but I’m digging the look of these lace-up ones.

Cushe Getaway shoesThey pack down quite flat as well, which has been quite handy on two recent trips where I needed to travel with a carry-on. I actually wore my clunky shoes and packed these and some flip-flops in the carry-on. All set for a week of fun. I’m on my way to Peru as this review comes out and need to stuff everything into a backpack for my Lares Adventure trip. There will be some nice meals in the mix though, so I’ll have my Getaway shoes to put on at night. They’ll be good “recovery shoes” too when I shed the hiking boots after miles up and down Andes Mountains in the Sacred Valley.

You can be subtle or wild with this model as the shoes come in seven different color combinations. All of them would look great with jeans, but I like the ones I have (pictured at the right) rather than the camo ones or the pair with lots of orange accents. Your tastes may be different. Click one of the links below to see the options and note that you get two pairs of shoelaces to pick from. Some have a cloth chambray upper besides the suede, others have mesh.

There’s not a lot to discuss in terms of features, but I have been quite happy with the memory foam insole that really conforms to my feet and stays comfortable for long stretches.

See more info on the Mellow Getaway at the Cushe website or buy these online at Orvis, Amazon, or Planet Shoes for $75 or less.

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