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Adventure Gear
1 Adidas Climalite Flex 360 Sports T-Shirt

Want a lightweight wicking shirt to pack that is cheap enough to buy in twos and threes? Check out this Climalite Flex 360 version from Adidas that’s a real deal. I don’t have a set packing list where I’ve got the exact same items along on every trip, but there…

Adventure Gear
Travel Light
Business Gear

XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For small businesses, it could be the perfect speakerphone to use for conference calls or board meetings. It is sleek, small, and offers clear sound. The built-in microphone is designed to pick up sound from close or medium-length distances.

Kids and Family

Bracketron SmartLantern and Charger

The SmartLantern combines numerous functions into one item. It can charge devices, illuminate spaces, and provide emergency charging capability all at once.

General Gear