I love hats. Some people in my house may even go so far as to say I own too many of them. But the thing is, a good hat can make an outfit. And it can certainly improve upon the worst of bad hair days. So traveling with a hat or two just makes sense in my book.

Conner Hats

Me in the Mt. Warning Wool Boho

Lately, I’ve been in love with Conner Hats, because let’s face it: Australians know how to do hats. And their wool hats (my favorite kind) are all cruelty-free. I’ve been traveling with their Mt. Warning Wool Boho hat for several trips now, and have gotten multiple compliments on the style, everywhere from Colorado dude ranches to airport lounges.

What makes the Mt. Warning Wool Boho great: it has a Bohemian look as advertised, but with a decidedly Western US flair. The rim does not feature wire to reshape, but it naturally lays very nicely, with a little dip in the front like with a fedora. The band is understated, but distinctly Western, and it comes in tons of fabulous colors (more on that in a minute).

The Mt. Warning Boho functions well, too. The organic cotton inner band absorbs sweat as needed and you get a cute little removable secret pocket on the inside. It’s just big enough to slip a key in there (though not a key card), a few folded bills, or a chapstick. It’s not crushable/packable, but I’ve found that as long as I treat it somewhat gently when I travel, it pops back into its designed shape. I usually store it in the overhead bin on airplanes to avoid stepping on it under the seat, or I just wear it…it’s not too heavy or bulky.

It does well in sun as a protectant against UV rays, and while its wool, it’s waterproof, and has protected me nicely in light rain, too. And you can feel good about buying it from Conner, because this company is truly committed to sustainability. They use all biodegradable packaging, water-soluble garment bags,¬†biodegradable tag connectors and 100% recycled paper tags.

Warning Wool Boho

The Mt. Warning comes in no fewer than ten colors, all of which are rich jewel tones. I love the burgundy¬†and the putty, but you can also go with classic black or chocolate. Maybe you’ll want to buy two! The price is a reasonable $66 on the Conner site, and I love that it comes in sizes S-XL. None of this ‘one size fits all’ silliness. I have a small head, and appreciate finding a hat that fits me.

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