When it comes to protecting your valuable mobile devices and smart phones, Catalyst is recognized as a leader in helping you keep them safe. As a frequent traveler, I put my devices through a lot of wear and tear especially when bags get jostled around by careless bag handlers.

It’s no surprise that everyone was fixated to the launch of the latest iPhone 11, and Catalyst has an immediate solution for keeping those pricey new gadgets protected. Just in time for the holidays, a whole host of new products was unveiled including the Catalyst Impact Protection case for iPhone 11.

This was the perfect excuse for me to expedite my iPhone upgrade so that I could test out this new product. Like all other Catalyst cases, this one offers excellent drop protection of as many as ten feet or more. The case has a rubber exterior that comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. It is the truss cushioning system within the rubber case itself that takes the brunt of the force if a protected phone and case takes a tumble.

I really liked the sturdy grip that these cases come with because it makes it easier to walk and talk at the same time. Often, my Mophie case would easily slide off of a surface or be easy to slip out of my hands at times. The rubber exterior of these Catalyst cases helps to protect against that.

Iphone 11 CaseThe case also has a raised edge that is meant to keep the screen safe if the phone were to fall flat on its face (a lesson that I learned the hard way with an expensive Mophie charging case that I had relied on for protection yet failed me). There are easy-access ports for charging cables and earphones so that you do not need to remove or adjust the case in any way to use accessories.

A mute switch is accessible from the side, and there is a lanyard attachment place if you want to hook your phone to something. I really liked how the back of the case is actually clear, which is meant to show off the sleek exterior and color of the iPhone itself. What makes the latest iteration of iPhone so popular is its upgraded camera and numerous lenses, which are well accounted for with the case. The opening around the lenses has been enlarged to make space for it, and the case has sealed the area around the lens to keep dust and debris from affecting the view or scratching the surface.

The case is also waterproof, which takes the stress away of what to do if your phone gets caught in the rain or gets a few splashes thrown on it when sitting by the pool. If you like to keep your iPad equally safe and similarly protected, Catalyst has designed waterproof and drop-protection case that does the same thing for the iPad Air and iPad Pro devices in various sizes including 10.5 inches, 11 inches, and 12.9 inches.

While I am not one to take advantage of wireless charging devices often, I was impressed to learn that this case functions with them. I would have assumed that the thick durability of the case would have kept it from getting a solid charge.

The case retails for $40 for the standard and iPhone 11 Pro version and for $50 for the iPhone Pro Max option. They are available on the Catalyst website or via Amazon, and these are perfectly available just in time for holiday shopping. These are sure to please the most tech-savvy of your friends and family.

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