At the Outdoor Retailer Show this last August, I snuck into the prettiest sunglass display I have ever seen. Sunglass frames made from seashells, wood, flowers and acetate. Expecting the variety of materials would make for a heavy frame, I was pleasantly surprised by how light the SHWOOD frames were. There are 4 collections in their line. I am reviewing the CAMP line.

camp cove sunglasses

CAMP Cove color options

For the last couple weeks, I have been wearing SHWOOD’s CAMP Cove sunglasses. I have the Matte Crystal frame with HD Plus Polarized Blue Flash lenses. I am in love with the matte frame and the pop of color and sass with then blue HD plus lenses. The walnut wood inlay on the temple give the Cove sunglasses a sophisticated look for everyone (even though they are marketed for women). cove sunglasses

cove sunglasses

CAMP Cove Sunglasses

The CAMP Cove sunglasses are a little oversized giving them a high fashion look and allowing the lenses to do a great job of blocking out any sunlight that would impede on your adventure or while driving. Because the weight is so minimal, these make for great hiking and driving glasses causing no fatigue to the eyes or face from wear. Spring hinges allow for a comfortable fit every time. I didn’t find the temple tips to be very adjustable, as SHWOOD advertises, but I also didn’t need that adjustment for my face shape.

CAMP Cove glasses come in 4 colors with 3 lens choices so you can mix and match for your perfect fit and function. The Cove glasses even come in their own sleeping bag so you don’t have to share. The lens options all provide 100% UV Protection and are scratch resistant. Be sure to check out their helpful chart to find the lens that matches your style and use to ensure optimal happiness.

All CAMP glasses are made from a plant based bioplastic made from castor seeds. This process allows SHWOOD to create a more environmental friendly product by avoiding petroleum-based plastics. Constant experimentation and the drive to make a sunglass that stands out in a industry full of copycats, SHWOOD is rising like a Cheetah and has pioneered over 25 new materials into the eyewear industry. These materials include oxidized metals, stabilized sea shells and at the OR show, there were frames with beautiful flowers in them.

CAMP Cove sunglasses

Walnut inlay in the temple

CAMP Cove sunglasses come in at a very attractive price of $79 and can be found on the SHWOOD Shop website and a couple options can be found on There is free shipping for any order over $75. BOOM! Free shipping for you when you grab up your own pair.

Just in case you are in need of RX lenses, they do that too! I am head over heels in love with the Bonny Acetate RX!


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