If you’re like me, documenting all of your travel experiences is a wonderful way to share and remember your favorite trips. That’s easy to do with all of the latest apps and features of smartphones these days, but it can be especially notable when you test out new cameras that are designed for more professional purposes.

That’s why I loved the opportunity to use the Brinno Wi-Fi TLC130 Time Lapse Camera on several recent trips to snap pictures of my travels to share with friends and family back home. It is super easy to use (no long list of instructions that can scare of novices like me). What is most appealing to me is its compact size, which is small enough to fit easily into a travel bag or jacket pocket when going on tours or excursions in various destinations.

I really love using this camera on cruises where I have access to the same space (my cabin) for several days. This means that I can take longer images or videos of things as we sail along, and they are much more entertaining. Obviously, I can’t leave my phone behind while I am out and about a ship! That’s why I loved the fact that I could affix this camera to the balcony of my cabin and snap photos at various pre-set intervals to then be merged into a smaller video that I can create.

There are several accessories that go with this camera so that you can affix it to surfaces or more easily use it in various situations during your travels. I liked the number of different mounts that allow you to change the style and position of the way that you are filming. When a company works closely with other related producers to come up with something that betters the user experience, count me in as a fan.

This camera comes with a new feature called step video where you can use an app to edit video before sharing it with others. It “auto packs” photos into video format for you, which I thought was a really cool feature. The product comes with ready-to-view technology that lets you watch each clip while there’s a unique power-saving system that keeps it from losing data quickly if you’re using it frequently and storing a lot of content on it.

Tlc130 Time Lapse Camera

There’s a quick release adaptor to ease the transition between scenes that you’re filming. Its battery life can last as long as 16 days, which is pretty impressive. Another really unique perk of this camera is that it is “splash proof” so you don’t have to worry about it being doused in pool water from a cruise ship pool filming or a drenching downpour in Bangkok.

A feature that seemed unique and new to me was the option to play back video backward via the Brinno mobile app. I love the long battery life and the ease of use of this camera because as someone that is not a professional, it was convenient and fun to use. Its Bluetooth and wireless Internet capability add to the functionality of this great travel camera. I only wish I had it with me during a recent trip to Antarctica where the scenery was changing moment by moment, and this could have captured what I was seeing with my own eyes moment by moment for others to enjoy.

The TLC130 Time Lapse Camera is available on Amazon or other Brinno partners available through its website and makes a great gift for frequent travelers or those that like to capture and share their experiences with others. Its price point is worth every penny for those looking to capture unique, professional-style experiences whether it’s for work or social media.

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