Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet

Whether you’re a germaphobe or simply someone that prefers to maximize your comfort when traveling, the Brave Era 100% Mulberry Silk Travel Sheet is worth a look. When I originally tested it out, I assumed it was for those that like to go luxury camping, but once I felt how soft and lightweight it is, I realized there were plenty more uses for it especially as a frequent business traveler.

It is naturally hypoallergenic so right there it becomes an immediate fan favorite to those that find some hotel rooms to trigger sneezing. These days, many hotels offer hypo-allergenic rooms without carpeting and extra filters on the air conditioning systems. But, for those that have extra sensitive skin, this is a great addition for any hotel room bed.

Germaphobes will like that it is critter-resistant (there must be something on the fabric that repels bugs) so it’s great for camping or those with a fear of beg bugs. I must admit that despite getting to stay in some pretty nice hotels during my travels, there have been times that I questioned the quality and cleanliness of hotel linens.

While sizeable enough for a six-foot frame (and taller) for sleeping, it can also fold down into a tiny travel pouch and weighs less than six ounces. I found that it was large enough to be snug, but spacious as I like to move around while sleeping.

Most importantly for me, since I tend to get quite warm while sleeping, is that the travel sheet is temperature regulating since its natural fibers absorbs some of the heat so you don’t wake up sweating (common with cheaply made linens). The retail price is $100, but it is often available for a discount on Amazon.

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