Created by two self-proclaimed “dirtbags” these climbing buddies have created what I think is the perfect pair of jeans for guys that hate how constricting regular jeans are. Their solution, create a pair of jeans made for climbers and those of us who “used to climb” I fall solidly in the second category, while I do get out a few times a year the demands of work and family seem always to give me an excuse not to go. Trying out the Boulders gave me a great reason to get myself to the gym and see if it really was possible to climb in jeans.

The brilliance of the Boulder Denim is their top-secret weave of that stretches diagonally, just like your body moves when your climbing. I was shocked at how well I was able to move in them, I am not nearly the climber I was 10 years ago, but I had no problem at all getting up a few easy and intermediate routes. It wasn’t until I took them on a guys weekend to Whistler Mountain that I fell in love with these jeans.

The jeans are also coated with the proprietary Nanoshere treatment. Nanoshere give them significant hydrophobic properties that help them repel moisture. I tested this first by pouring some water on them, amazingly the water practically bounced off leaving them nearly dry.

I travel a lot and hate most jeans, even the “travel jeans” are usually too constricting and uncomfortable on long plane flights. This was definitely NOT the case with the Boulder Jeans, in fact, I could have sworn I was wearing a nice pair of sweatpants. The diagonal stretch and athletic fit were perfect for me. I have thick legs that just don’t work with most of the new slim fit jeans and these jeans managed to both look great and allow for blood flow to my feet. I had another chance to test the Nanoshere when I managed to dump my orange juice on my leg getting out of my rental car. Again the fluid practically jumped off the surface of the jeans, and there wasn’t any staining. For a guy that is somewhat prone to liquid spills, this is worth the price of the jeans alone.

Deep Pockets and zippered trap pocket
Another feature I love is the pockets on the jeans. First, they are all extra deep (even the women’s jeans!) as well as the zippered trap pocket. I love having a zippered pocket to keep my wallet in. I like that it keeps it that much safer from the occasional pickpocket attempt or the more likely event of my wallet falling out while getting out of an airline seat.

Boulder Denim

The Mens come in a Slim and Athletic Fit and the Women’s come in a Slim Fit. They come in dark blue denim, and my understanding is that they plan some more color variety with the Launch of 2.0

As much as I love them Boulders there are a few minor things I would change. I would like to get these jeans in a few more colors as well as perhaps an even looser fit for those of us with tree-trunks for legs (thanks Dad!) My wife is looking forward to a few more style choices in the women’s as well.

Where you can buy them
Right now you can pick up a pair of Boulder Denim Jeans on their website

You should also check out their Kickstarter for their Boulder 2.0

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