These days, whatever we can do to protect our health should be an important part of our travel regimen. 23Vitals Immune Support Supplement provides a boost to many of the vitamins and nutrients that we may not be able to get from a diet, especially when on the road and away from our normal routine.

What’s inside

While Covid-19 cannot be stopped by supplements and vitamins, our bodies’ overall immune response to other sickness depends a lot on what we consume. This powder supplement for adults is easily mixed into a bottle of water and is beneficial. Whether you are traveling for work or building a new routine working from home, it may be harder to follow our normal exercise and diet routines. That’s why taking a supplement now is especially important.

There are 23 different vitamins, minerals, and bio-active ingredients in this powder; that’s kind of hard to believe when you look at it! Among their benefits are better gut health, improved blood flow and circulation, and reduced inflammation. It is a great accompaniment to any post-exercise routine because it helps with cellular recovery as well as keeping you hydrated. All of the ingredients are meant to better revitalize your immune system and help you feel your best.

The powdered supplement includes Vitamins A, B12, C, D, zinc, selenium, and copper among others. The goal is to strengthen the body’s first line of defense so that it is best-prepared to ward off any disease. As we go into wintertime, this is especially important as colds and flu season approaches.

As someone who crosses big swaths of time zones weekly, all of these ingredients are essential to staying as fit and physically energized as possible. Many of the ingredients are meant to help with better sleep function, which I did notice when using this on a red-eye flight recently.

23vitals Immune Support SupplementHow to use it

I liked the creative choice of flavors (Orange Creamsicle or Strawberry Lemonade), and it is easy to down a glass of water with this supplement either alone or with a meal. Just be careful when spooning it into the water bottle as the scoop provided is much bigger than most bottle openings making it easy to spill. The powder, when wet, turns a darker color and looks like it could stain fabric or surfaces if not wiped up immediately.

The supplement is meant to be taken daily. 23Vitals says the supplement not only boosts the immune system, but is also designed to metabolize with your body in a way that regulates and activates particular areas of need. Unneeded ingredients are simply flushed out of your body.

I wish it came in smaller individual packets to make it easier to travel with although the larger bottle of powder was easy to carry and did not take up much room in my bag. Besides mixing it into a bottle of water, the powder also easily blends into smoothies or milkshakes if you want variety when taking this at home. Another idea I had while on the road was stirring this into plain yogurt or oatmeal for a bit of a tangy twist to the normal taste.

While you will not feel suddenly rejuvenated or energized after taking this supplement, it does give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are preparing your body to be more resilient. One thing I did notice (and appreciate as a regular traveler) is that it is exceptionally hydrating; I noticed I was less thirsty in my travels. Frequent flying can be both drying to the skin and the entire body.

The powder is both soy- and gluten-free, and while it does contain a small amount of milk protein, the company says it is still ok for low-lactose diets. 23 Vitals Immune Support Supplement retails for $99 on the website for a 30-serving portion. While it’s not cheap, investing in healthy living seems like a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

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