Let’s talk about socks! I have been searching for durable socks that could keep up with me and my many adventures. I was lucky enough to have two pairs of Wigwam socks show up just in time for my Belize, Costa Rica trip! This trip was going to be packed with fly fishing on sand bars and reefs as well as in the boat making our way from place to place. I have a pretty normal size 7-7.5 size foot for a woman but have realized that finding the perfect fitting sock isn’t an easy task.
I have found that most socks either have too big of a toe box or the heal somehow finds its way up the back of my leg as I move about. I was weary about Wigwam socks because the sizing says Women’s 6-10 which to me is a large range & could cause the sock to no be a perfect fit for any size. I was lucky enough to try the Lost Coast Trail sock as well as the Tamarack Trl NXT on my trip to the ocean and let me tell you a bit about my experience wearing these socks. Wigwam Socks
First, I was completely wrong about the sizing issue, the sock perfectly molded to my foot and they didn’t have too much material around the toes nor did the heal seem too large or like it was going to move. It fit nicely into my wading boots and the material allowed for movement without bunching. I was able to get into the water and not have the socks swell with moisture around my foot and it did not cause friction with wading on the flats. I spent the majority of the day in the salt water and sand and didn’t have any issues in my boots. I never once had to reposition my socks or take my boots off because of discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of wearing these socks! The other pair of socks were too small for my husband so I offered our guide to wear them for the day and give his feedback.
He has been a guide on the flats for almost 10 years and said that these socks were one of the most comfortable socks he had ever tried on. He also agreed that they allowed for movement in the boots without friction or bunching. He also felt that Wigwam had done a great job not having too much material in the toe box which can cause your toes to feel smooshed and uncomfortable while wading.
We both agreed that this sock would be a great option to wear with wading boots and especially in the warmer weather when you don’t need a thick sock for warmth but still want comfort.
The second time I tried out the Wigwam socks was for a hiking trip into the mountains of Idaho. It was a cooler day and we would be trekking about 10+ miles through rough terrain and possibly snow. I have pretty comfortable hiking boots but again the sock can either make or break the day. I wanted a sock that would keep my feet warm but not sweaty, keep my feet from rubbing and blistering as I racked up the miles. The Wigwam socks did just that! They again were really comfortable inside my boot and gave enough room for my toes to wiggle and not feel crammed. I also never had to stop and adjust my socks, they stayed in place and made the hiking more enjoyable and carefree.
I would highly recommend Wigwam socks to any person especially those that have an active lifestyle. These fit the bill and have passed the tests of comfort, durability and style. I really like that they are made in the USA, have a lifetime guarantee and the company is eco conscious! If you haven’t checked Wigwam socks do yourself a favor and grab a pair or two today, I don’t think you will be disappointed you did.
Wigwam socks can be purchased on their website HERE.
Guest Author: McKenzie Joyner is a professional chef and outdoor lover!