Summer is coming to an end with school starting in a couple of weeks and cooler weather on the forecast. It’s been a summer full of adventure,  travel and making memories. Looking back at our photos from the last couple of months, one piece of gear has been in all of them! It is the Arrio 22 from Gregory Backpacks.

Gregory Arrio BagThe Arrio 22 is a unisex bag that hasn’t found a back it doesn’t like. The shoulder straps are adjustable at two places and the simple hip belt is adjustable and removable. I found it nice to have on while we scrambled up a couple rock-sides while hiking. The Arrio 22 has a bungee system on the front of the bag to accommodate hats, jackets, dray bags, etc.

Arrio 22 has 3 external pockets for your gear. The side stash pocket easily stores a map, car keys, first aid kit and a summit beer while the top pocket is perfect for securing your wallet, phone and snacks. The upper pocket on mine quickly became the catchall for the rocks, sticks and special leaves my littlest found while we were out on our hikes. All these pockets are secured with a zipper. Gregory Arrio Bag

The largest pocket in the Arrio 22 is large enough to carry extra clothes, food, a blanket and more. This pocket also contains the internal hydration sleeve with Gregory’s SpeedClip hydration hanger. The Arrio 22 can handle up to a 3L bladder but it is not included with the bag. Trust me, just buy them both at the same time to save you the hassle of trying to find a compatible bladder in the future or last minute on a trip.

The quick dry hydration system is easily routed through the top of the bag and down the right shoulder strap. The mouthpiece has a small magnet on it and can be quickly attached to the chest strap to keep it clean and not rubbing against brush, or dragging behind. The chest strap buckle also has an integrated emergency whistle on it. The design is sleek and discreet, nothing like those obnoxious referee whistles.

My favorite feature of this lightweight day hiker is the breathability of the pack. While in the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ, the temps were anywhere from 80-106 fahrenheit while we were out hiking. Apparently, our family is developing a trend of hiking in “unusual heat waves”. For our trip to Zion last year they had a freak heat wave while we were there and temps by 10 am were well into the 90s.

Gregory Arrio BagThe mesh shoulder straps and FreeSpan suspended open-air mesh backpanel were a blessing in the heat. The small breeze they allowed help to keep me cool and comfortable on the trail. In fact, while descending the Bright Angel trail at the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon, I had a couple stop me to talk about the bag! It’s a good thing it was on the way down because on the way back up, temps were over 108 fahrenheit and our family’s only goal was to get to ice cream at the top.

The Arrio 22 from Gregory comes in three colors, Brick Red, Flame Black and Empire Blue (pictured). They are both beautiful colors! The Arrio is also available in a plus size. Plus size Arrio 22 is designed with extended hip and shoulder belts as well as additional fit revisions to accomodate a larger body.

You can grab your own Arrio 22 at the Gregory website, or on various online dealers. The Gregory Arrio 22 retails for just under $90. We suggest this bag for families, day hikers, the newer hiker in your group to the most experienced hiker. It is an all around great bag and will provide a lifetime of memories all while keeping you hydrated and cool.

Safe Travels!


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