2019 Golite for Women: Relite Jogger and ReActive Bikini

Golite is back and better than ever with their travel and active friendly line. Golite was gracious enough to send along a sample of their Relite Joggers and ReActive Bikini underwear for women. I have a bonus section covering their ReGreen Windshell you should stick around for too.

Golite Reactive Bikini

Let us begin with the ReActive Bikini underwear. Also available in a thong version, the ReActive Bikini are incredibly soft! One would never know the fabric was constructed from recycled plastics. 1 recycled bottle to be exact. After having kids, my biggest problem with underwear or tights in general was rolling or digging from the waist band. The ReActive Bikini has a wide waist band that provides support without folding, rolling or pinching under pressure. In addition to the waist band, the Reactive Bikini holds it’s shape on your rear so you don’t have bunching while traveling, running or simply cleaning around the house.

I have worn them under jeans, running shorts, Golite’s Relite Joggers, work clothes and have never had a problem with odor or shrinkage due to washing. I would recommend these for the traveler, the stay at home mom, the professional woman and the active women out there… So, that would be everyone. I recommend the Golite Reactive Bikini for every woman. The color ways are also fun! No one needs to wear black underwear 24/7. Brighten it up!

Golite ReLite Jogger

Helllooo comfort. These ReLite Joggers are soft, flexible, pack well and do not hold the stink of traveling. Constructed from 20 recycled bottles, the ReLite Joggers for women are a new go-to pant for me. Plane ride? ReLite Joggers. Long car ride? ReLite Joggers. Soccer games ALLLL weekend long? ReLite Joggers.

I have literally dug the ReLite Joggers out of the hamper so I can wear them for the 5th time in a week. Now that it is boating season in Idaho, I plan to bring them on the boat to cover up with instead of covering myself in sunscreen. They are 30+ SPF rated.

The waist band on the ReLite Joggers is wide and sits well just below your natural waist. The leg length is perfect for wearing quick slip on shoes or runners. There is about a 2 inch cuff on the bottom of the ReLite Joggers that allows you to pull the pants up your calf if needed.

The front has two pockets, perfect for a quick phone stash or boarding pass. The back pocket is secured with a zipper. Because of the fabric, it would be easy to make out what is in your pocket so just keep that in mind.

I am 5’6″ and ordered a size small. I find that they fit true to size. According to the website, for a slimmer fitted leg, order a size down.

ReGreen Windshell

Now that you are hooked on the environmentally friendly and sustainability of Golite, I invite you to complete your outfit with their Women’s ReGreen Windshell. Also constructed from 20 recycled bottles, this jacket is awesome.

Winner of a Backpacker Editors’ Choice Green Award and an Outdoor Industry Innovation Award for sustainability, the ReGreen Windshell is perfect for travel, boating, hiking, biking, lazy days and trail running.

The length of the back of the ReGreen Windshell is a favorite feature of mine. It hits just right and protects your pants from the inevitable spray up your back from your shoes on a wet or muddy day. The fit is slim with plenty of room for full range of motion and the elastic cuffs keep the jacket where you place it for your activity of choice.

The cut and style of the fabric is very flattering and the muted color of the green bottles make the ReGreen easy to pair with your wardrobe. The ripstop property of the fabric allows you to trust this jacket will be with you through thick or thin while adventuring.

Golite ReActive, Relite and ReGreen can all be purchased on their website HERE. At the time of printing, they are offering a 15% discount on your first purchase, if you sign up for their newsletter.

Safe Travels!

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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