Well, it’s been quite the year of surviving a pandemic, being considered ” an essential worker”, online schooling and keeping our social circle very small. We have pulled together as a family and proved to ourselves that we can do anything for a year. But, like many, we have missed our friends and family and now with vaccinations a plenty in arms, we are set to spend quality time again with them and around our new 24″ X Series Smokeless Fire Pit from Breeo.

You’ve seen Breeo from us last summer when our 19″ grill and Anchorpoint joined us in a 3 day tour of central Idaho. We made almost every meal on it and to this day I still dream of the Cajun Shrimp boil we made in 1000 Springs, Idaho. We had so much fun grilling and watching the sunsets from our campfires that we jumped on the chance to recreate fond travel memories in our own backyard. This time with friends and families.

Breeo X24, 19″ Grill Plate

The Breeo X Series comes in two sizes, 19 and 24 inches with the option of a patina outside and the option to add a sear plate to the top of the fire pit. We opted for the patina finish but did not add the sear plate. This was for a couple of reasons but the only one that matters is an ill-trained black lab named Odie who loves to steal food. I was worried he would try to grab the food off the side and burn himself.

That being said, it is a fantastic feature of this already fun and functional product. It essentially doubles your cooking space and you could make some amazing meals! We have cooked out on the Breeo X Series twice now and the patina finish is already starting to make itself known- it is going to be beautiful. We selected the 24″ so it would be slightly bigger than our 19″ grilling plate and would allow for additional people to sit around it. The 24″ X Series allows 3 to 7 people to sit around it comfortably.

Setup was literally a breeze. Simply open the box, lift up on the Breeo X Series and let the sudden 40MPH gust of wind take the box from you. Then, set the X Series smokeless pit down, remove padding and TAH-DAH! it is ready for you to rock and roll. One of the reasons we were excited to review the Breeo is because the winds in Idaho can be sudden and last for hours- this was truly a stress test for the Breeo X Series.

We had the perfect day for our initial test of the Breeo X24. Temperatures were in the low 70s, the sun was shinning and the breeze was 10-15 MPH. Starting the fire was quick and simple. As we built of the fire to heat the grill, we noticed the hotter the flames, the better the smokeless X Series was working. The airflow of the X Series allows the fire pit to burn its own smoke. It only took about 10 minutes to heat the grill and in the excitement and rush I only took one photo of the second helpings round. We successfully cooked 12 hotdogs, buns, grilled veggies and ate S’mores all while we enjoyed having friends and their children in our backyard in over 6 months.

Over chatter of online schooling and filling our bellies with food, we stayed warm in the cool evening hours and when the winds of Idaho began to blow, we didn’t need to retreat inside or play musical chairs around the smoke. We stayed put, poured more wine and mixed more old fashions and talked about the future and how to survive our boys who are becoming young adults. It was everything we needed and have missed for 12 months.

The quality of construction within the Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit is outstanding and exactly what you expect from a USA Made company. Breeo X Series and their corresponding accessories are made in Lancaster, PA to ensure product quality. There are many options to customize your smokeless fire pit but I have to recommend the grilling package as one of my favorites. Here is the link to the fire pit builder for your customized look: LINK.

We have already planned another Backyard BBQ date with family for easter, order meats from the Breeo suggested butcher and stacked a cord of wood from our local landscaper so we will never be without it and our Breeo X Series this year.

This is a great Smokeless Pit to bring tailgating, to the river bed, keep in the backyard or bring out front in the winter for some neighborhood get togethers. Christmas Day evening has been our neighborhood’s “fire pit night” where we all bring out our pits and let the children run around, make s’mores and catch up over a couple Hot Toddys.  Breeo is available on their website.

Safe Travels!


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