The Tinkle Belle is the cheeky answer to your outdoor voiding issues. Tinkle Belle was created by a urology nurse and a group of adventure loving women for car travel, backpacking, camping or even potty-training!

Tinkle Belle in the wild.

With a great sense of humor to address the stand-up peeing phenomenon Tinkle Belle will be sure to cause, you can easily #justshakeit and #standandgo because #sizematters. It also serves as a reminder: don’t let hydration keep you from getting out and traveling.

As a mom of two boys, I am surrounded by persons who can easily pee on the side of the road, standing above a disgusting toilet or even discreetly behind a tree while out and about. Could this mom? Not really. The jealousy was really getting to me.

You know how the story goes… We either found a rest stop covered in flies, a river bend blanketed in mosquitos or my little guys and my husband would stand as the look out while mom relieved herself. Not a safe option while on a busy highway.

Of the last mentioned techniques to backcountry relieving, the later was the most precarious as I always had to find a strong hillside or non-slick surface so I wouldn’t have an accident. Nothings more embarrassing then having to change pants because you were simply trying to pee!

It wasn’t until we were preparing for the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver when I received an email from a fairy godmother. Tinkle Belle was introduced and I was ecstatic! The note to meet with them quickly went to the top of my “Must Meet” list.

Just one of the boys now!

The Tinkle Belle is a very lightweight device. I appreciate the color-way not being bright orange or pink so you can still be discrete while you stand to pee. It is constructed from hydrophobic silicone and plastic. It is also antimicrobial so no matter how long you are traveling or if it is forgotten under a car seat, it won’t ruin your trip. Or, smell like the men’s room at the stadium. Urea is no joke, kids.

Anatomically Correct

Due to her background as a urology nurse, you can bet she has the anatomy of the female urinary track down to a science. After applying her knowledge to the form of the Tinkle Belle, the device took shape and allows for the correct seal against a woman’s body. There are even built in thumb rest to assure you have a seal and prevent any accidents.

The Tinkle Belle is 9.25 inches (23.5 cm) long when it is fully extended. Folded in half, the Tinkle Belle is 5.5 inches (14 cm) long. You can easily fold the Tinkle Belle back onto itself for storing in its own antimicrobial bag. Both the Tinkle Belle and the storage bag are washable and even dishwasher safe for those of us who are concerned with sterility. (I slowly raise my hand).

Don’t worry, just because the Tinkle Belle can fold up doesn’t mean it will collapse on you. The Tinkle Belle is engineered with a durable hard shell to ensure you are safe from any accidents.

Friend to friend, I highly suggest trailing it out at home before you venture out and give it a go in the wilderness. There is a small learning curve to placement and angling the spout down. Angling up will cause the urine to puddle in the back and not be evacuated.

It is also best used with pants that have a fly. I found leggings, especially high-wasted ones, create an almost impossible situation. Shorts with the built-in underwear are easily moved over to apply the Tinkle Belle.

Give Back

You can feel good about letting #peedomring because the Tinkle Belle organization supports the God Forgive Foundation.

The God Forgives Foundation is a non-denominational for-profit foundation that opens and maintains orphanages in second and third world countries around the world. These children normally would not have a chance in life. Many of the children would be abused or end up in sex trafficking or modern day slavery.”

How do I use The Tinkle Belle?


    Unfold Tinkle Belle liner out so that the spout is fully extended.

  2. Move panties or clothing to the side or down.
  3. Position the back of The Tinkle Belle under your urethra so that urine flows directly into the hard shell portion of the accessory. Most women find that the back edge of the Tinkle Belle is positioned under the center of the vaginal opening. Press the hard shell portion of The Tinkle Belle against your body utilizing the thumb rests for proper seal. Make sure any clothing/fly/zipper is under the hard shell portion of The Tinkle Belle. Thumb rests should be accessible in front of clothing for proper seal.
  4. When properly positioned, the end of the spout should be the lowest point.
  5. Using thumbs for leverage on the two thumb rests, push down and aim. The fluid flows due to gravity. You can aim your urine stream with the flexible spout.
  6. Relax and #letpeedomring.
  7. When finished, do the Tinkle Belle Rock! Be sure to rock your hips forward to tip the Tinkle Belle downward.
  8. To wipe, slowly pull the Tinkle Belle forward with gentle upward pressure utilizing the extreme comfort lip. This will catch any last drops and leave you feeling clean and dry.
  9. Shake any remaining drops off of your Tinkle Belle Accessory.
  10. To store your Tinkle Belle, fold back the soft spout under the hard shell and keep it in the supplied carry case.  The spout can also be stored by folding it to the side, but it may maintain “fold memory.” You can fix this by pinching it to the opposite side a few times to straighten the spout.

The Tinkle Belle can be used for ages 4 to 99 and only weighs in at 2.6 oz with the carrying case. Even the littlest camper can carry her own Tinkle Belle. It is available on their website or on Amazon. At the time of printing it retails for $27.50.