Even though summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean that travel to beach or pool destinations will slow down completely. That’s why I was excited to check out the newest shoe design from SWIMS, which is known for its stylish shoes meant for pool, beach, or outdoor activity. The SWIMS loafer shoes can get wet and be easily washed, but they also show fashionable, preppy design that makes them perfect for regular wear.

This season’s new loafer-style shoes (some available starting this month with more styles coming in November) are crafted from a light material. The mesh coating on the top allows your feet to “breathe,” which is important for a pair of shoes that is designed to get wet. You can even wash them under running water; they dry quickly. Despite regular wear, they deter odors as long as they are washed clean.

One concern of a shoe like this would be that they can be slippery (common with some traditional slip-on loafer shoes). The loafers have an anti-slip grip material on the bottom to prevent any unnecessary falls.

The loafers come in many styles plus 34 color combinations that are especially unique. There are lace-up and slip-on options, and both double as casual evening shoes. I used mine before a kayaking excursion, and the other people in my group were shocked that I would wear such a nice shoe in the water. Little did they know this shoe was actually made for watersport activities.

I also really liked that the shoes were lightweight and flexible so that they did not take too much space in my bag although they did require a few hours of wearing them to stretch them out enough to be comfortable without rubbing my feet the wrong way (a common problem with almost any new shoe). SWIMS loafers retail for between $130-180 (with many versions on sale) on the SWIMS website.

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