Summer has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited to play. However, with the changing of the seasons and temperature, it means your gear needs to as well. A favorite piece to change up are my sunglasses. Sunski is hitting the market with quality, polarized lenses and a price tag that allows you to switch up your look on the daily.

I brought my pair of Topekas with on a trip to Washington DC in June. The weather in DC was hot, humid and at times incredibly uncomfortable. With only a short time on the ground, we were hell bent to make it to ALL the attractions. This meant many, many miles to travel in the sun. Sporting my Sunski sunglasses, I was able to walk, bike, scooter, tour bus and sightsee without changing frames or opting for a hat.

Sunski Topeka frames are made for a more narrow face and, for the most part, are unisex. The tortoise color is beautiful and while the frames weigh almost nothing, they are sturdy. I threw them into my bag on multiple occasions when we were entering museums and even stored them in my backpack for my flights to really put them to the test. I was pleasantly surprised to find them in mint condition.

Functional Fashion

Launched in 2012 via KickStarter, the Sunski brand promised to bring back the undeniably fun and vintage Australian shades but with an environmentally friendly spin. Sunski is part fo the 1% for the Planet membership that sends 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits each year. So now your eyes can be protected from the sun and your purchase can help protect the planet.

The frame options from Sunksi are fun, young and vibrant. I love my Topekas, but I will most likely be picking up a pair of the Gondola in Champagne Ocean and Avilas… and a pair of the Mattinas.


Sunski pairs perfectly with Happy Hour

All frames in the Sunksi line range from $59-$89. For the construction and quality you get, I would expect them to cost double that amount.

Sunksi sunglasses can be found on their bright and friendly website. Be sure to check out the new lines that hit for the 2019 Summer.

Not sure how they will look? No worries. Sunksi has a virtual try on tool that will help you choose the 4 frames you will need to buy. Kind of like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

Safe Travels!