The world as we know it is not the world I grew up in. Sabre understands the changes in crime rates and has developed an amazing line of personal safety devices to fit every lifestyle.

Made in the U.S.A, The Runner pepper gel spray is lightweight (22grams) and fits into the palm of your hand. An adjustable hand strap ensures The Runner is secure in your hand in case you are ever attacked. The top safety mechanism can easily be flipped around to arm the bottle and stays locked in safety mode when stored in a purse or pocket.

It is what is inside that really counts. All devices are filled with Oleoresin Capsicum (red pepper) gel. The red pepper gel of The Runner is double the average strength of other safety devices. This makes it equal to the sprays the police use daily for protection. The Runner has the ability to spray their pepper gel up to 12 feet, 35 times! That is 5 times more than other leading brands.

Sabre processes the pepper gel at their manufacturing site ensuring the product you receive will be at full strength. In addition, the gel is mixed with UV marking dyes so your attacker can be easily identified. But please, as the instructions on the packaging says, do not try to capture your attacker. Get away safely and call the police. I often imagine the attacker looking like Marv from Home Alone after he gets hit in the head with the scolding hot iron.

The Runner’s pepper gel is good for 4 years from the manufacturer date. I keep one in my glove compartment for those times I need to get gas late at night and I am alone or when I forget my other one at home and I can sneak in a quick hike or trail run. Knowing that I have stopping power in a little bottle at all times is very comforting to me. For my husband and mother, it’s knowing that I am armed with Sabre but that I also know how to use it.

Personal Protection Kit


Sabre and The Runner want to make sure you are comfortable with your new device so they have created training videos and you can even purchase practice canisters for $5. The gel consistency of the Sabre products ensures that the spray gets to your attacker and doesn’t blow back into your face, disabling you.

For double the protection, Sabre provides a Personal Safety Kit that contains both the pepper gel dispenser (15 grams) and a 120 dB personal alarm. Both come with keychain attachment points so you can easily secure them to a key fob, purse or belt loop. To activate the alarm simply remove the keychain pin. This alarm is incredibly loud and will either terrify your attacker causing them to run and/or bring much needed attention to your situation. It takes a couple batteries which are all ready included. It is ready to go right out of the box!

Personal 120dB Alarm

I prefer the automatic alarm over the rape whistle because the alarm will keep sounding as you run or fight while the whistle is only activated by you. I would rather use my breathe for running.

One of the podcasts I listen to has a tag line of “Pepper Spray First, Apologize Later” and I think it is some of the best advice you can give anyone. If a person’s intent isn’t clear, blast them. Think of all those women who went to help Tim Bundy look for his lost puppy. They met an unfortunate end because they were unprepared and too trusting. This is not the ending to your story.  Sabre, The Runner and their lineup of alarms, stun guns and pepper sprays will safeguard you.

Can Sabre be brought on a plane?

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Part 175.10, Exceptions for passengers, crewmembers, and air operators, (9) One self-defense spray (see §171.8 of this subchapter), not exceeding 118 mL (4 fluid ounces) by volume, that incorporates a positive means to prevent accidental discharge may be carried in checked baggage only. See FAA regulations. Shop SABRE’s on the go section – all products under 4 fluid ounces are FAA compliant. However, certain airlines may have their own restrictions; check with your carrier before your flight.

The Runner retails for $12.99 and the Personal Protection Kit for $19.99. Both are available on the Sabre website or on

Safe Travels!