Whether I’m at home or away, active adventures and workouts can leave me with tired feet. When I’m on the road, I often bring small massage balls to relieve some of the soreness afterwards. But my usual routine is to ignore them and press on.


Recently, I’ve been testing out the Velous Footwear Oceanside Flip, a sandal designed to promote active recovery for athletes of all levels. But you don’t have to define yourself as an athlete for the flips to their work on your feet. You only have to pack them along as your hotel/inn/basecamp footwear.


The recovery sandal has unisex sizing, and each element was designed with a lightweight and breathable upper to help feet feel their best more quickly after hours of use. Velous uses its own TriMotion Technology to offer a stable platform for feet—from a supportive heel cup with side stabilizers to optimal arch support to forefoot flexibility. The result is maximum cushioning for shock absorption, lateral support to prevent rolling ankles, and an ergonomic contour for a comfortable standing position. As I write this at my standing desk, I’m wearing my Oceanside Flips.


A custom triple-density Foamotion Formula gives an optimal combination of cushioning throughout the foot, creating the right amount of rebound to allow from healing and recovery. Top and bottom flex grooves help with flexing the forefoot without resistance. The outsole reverse lug and grooved lines also provide great traction.


My initial challenge with the Oceanside Flip was the heel cup. Because it has a raised edge and because I don’t always toe-in to the max with my flips, I felt like I was falling off the back edge of my shoes. After a couple of wears, however, my feel found the happy medium.


The Oceanside Flip comes in black and purple/pink, and lists for $64.95 on the Velous Footwear site.

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