SNAP!  That was the sound of the sidearms of Ombraz CoFounder Jensen’s sunglasses breaking off in the middle of a camel safari.  With long desert days ahead Jensen channeled his inner Macgymver and used some twine around the back of his head to fix his sunglasses.   Not only did the creative fix work, but they were also amazingly comfortable and functional and the idea for Ombraz was formed.

On Top Of Monkey Mountain, Ombraz Around My Neck

After the safari, Jensen teamed up with his good friend Nikolai and they set to work on creating the Ombraz brand. After a wildly successful Indegogo campaign with over 1,400 backers and years of hard work, they created the first production run of Ombraz.  Today, Ombraz are now available in most major outdoor gear retailers and at their website

I have to say I was skeptical about armless sunglasses when we were sent a pair to test out on our trip to Sayulita, Mexico.  I didn’t see how tightening the straps behind my head would be a constant irritation.  Was I ever wrong, normally I have a pair of ancient Chumz that I use but Ombraz was FAR better.  From attempting to surf each morning to hiking Monkey Mountain the Ombraz stayed right where I wanted and being able to quickly loosen them and hanging them around my neck or slipping them into my pocket when the light got low.
The Ombraz look great too because the strips are nearly indistinguishable from regular sunglasses arms you don’t have the dorky look that most sunglasses straps give you.  I actually had 2 different people go “WOW Let Me See Those!” when i took them off because they had no idea they had straps instead of arms.
Because the straps are 100% recycled nylon they don’t get soaked during waterspouts.  I had no issue with them surfing in the mornings and even when I wiped out they never loosened.  The German Zeus optics have 100% UVA | UVB protection and are highly scratch resistant and without hinges or screws, there is no way these things are going to fail on your next adventure.
They pack great too because they lay flat they aren’t going to get crushed in your bag when your son forgets where his feet are and steps on it in the airport.  I keep my Ombraz in my backpack full time now.
Bottom Line: The Ombraz are now my go-to pair of adventure sunglasses and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Ombraz Narrow Frame

We were sent both frame sizes from Ombraz and while Chris quickly confiscated the larger frames, I was delighted to test out the narrow frame. When ordering sunglasses I always choose the small frame and the size of Ombraz’s narrow fit was perfect for my smaller head size.

The fit of the frame is slightly rounded and provide enough shield from the sun when out hiking, biking and exploring. Also, they are incredibly lightweight and are comfortable

enough to wear with a mask and with my hair down or up!

The slim design of the Ombraz frame also allows me to store them in my clutch at times that I can’t have them around my neck- like running through the airport.

As a mom of two boys, the Ombraz have proven to withstand their innate destructive nature and  I can feel comfortable letting them borrow them or simply having them in the car because “Why do you have to step on everything?!?”.

Word on the street is that you can run them over with a car and they won’t break. In fear that I might be left Ombraz-less, I haven’t attempted such a feat but they can certainly withstand the 100 pounds of my 11 year old.

Ombraz are available on their website and REI stores. We are both wearing the Classics in Tortoise and the polarized grey lens.

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