As we travel, we continue to be assaulted by a barrage of unnecessary noise from constant announcements, other peoples’ loud music and phone calls, and people less sensitive of others, but the Nuheara IQBuds2 MAX can change that.

The latest version of Nuheara’s ground-breaking wireless hearing buds lets users customize it to their needs. The Nuheara IQBuds2 MAX improves upon an already great product that enhances the listening experience. You can choose to use them as wireless earbuds for listening to music and watching entertainment or as a way to elevate your hearing instead of a hearing aid device for those with mild impairment.

How they work

They come in a compact charging case that is easy to slip into a carry-on bag or briefcase. To fully charge these earbuds, it takes about two hours for them to reach a full charge in the magnetic case.

There are various ear tip sizes that allow you to choose the best fit that feels comfortable to you. Often, ear buds can either feel too loose or too snug, and I appreciate the ability to choose what works for me. They come in both silicone and soft foam textures and are even marked with left and right. This is especially important for people that like to wear them while exercising because they can feel different when you’re moving quickly or even sweating.

They are incredibly lightweight, but not as tiny as Air Pods, for example. The earbuds were comfortable to wear for short periods of time (like on a flight) or when working in noisy environments and you need to hear colleagues standing near you.

I found the touch controls to be simple to use while I am moving since there is no need to use a control. To play or pause music or adjust the volume level, it is just a tap on either ear piece with your finger.

nuhearaDifferent uses for different people

An app for your phone makes it easy to sync the Nuheara IQBuds2 MAX earbuds with your phone (including Siri if you like) and adjust according to your own preferences.

To get started, there is a series of questions so that they maximize the user experience. This is important for those that usually wear hearing aids so that the sound level is adjusted accordingly to the correct frequency.

You can stream up to eight hours of audio content using these ear buds in addition to improving sound quality in your ears. While these are not a replacement for noise-canceling headphones, they are more lightweight and user-friendly allowing you to improve your hearing.

Personally, I use them to listen to music and even white noise while on a plane or working in a noisy atmosphere. I think large noise-canceling headphones look a bit silly the way that they protrude from your head as well as take up substantial space in a briefcase or carry-on bag.

The “World Off” setting also turns off the exterior, directional microphones, which elevates the sound level when on, but when off helps to reduce noise. I like how Nuheara calls this setting “World Off” since these earbuds are really meant for everyday use wherever you are (not just when traveling or watching entertainment synced from a personal device). Many people find these to be essential to hearing every word of a close conversation when you’re in a crowded and noisy space.

They are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and have as much of a five-hour playback time if you have the exterior microphones switched off. For those with mild hearing impairment, wearing these looks like you’re just wearing earbuds for music. This distinction makes these earbuds especially popular for those that don’t want to move to hearing aids just yet or don’t have significant hearing loss that might require them.

I really like that the Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX provide solid sound quality to balance off the $399 price tag. To be fair, this price is worth it to those that want to enhance the sound around them a bit without investing in the sometimes exorbitant price of a full hearing aid. It does double duty for everyone else as a high-quality earbud for music, too. Plus, the different tips that can be interchanged allow it to be easily shared among family members for different situations.

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