Photo credit, Mophie

Photo credit, Mophie

Mophie has a long line of respected iPhone cases that power up your device when it loses its own juice. But, until now, there has not been a case that can provide both the additional battery and a coating that keeps your device safe from the elements. With the new Mophie Juice pack H2PRO, now all of that is possible.

Mophie cases also go above and beyond by providing the ability to withstand the brunt of frequent travel. The manufacturer says the case can handle military grade shocks, which is important if you were to drop your phone or it gets smashed in between an airplane or train seat. I have also seen people’s laptop bags (containing their phones) get rammed with other people’s carry-ons. While the screen is always vulnerable, the case keeps your actual phone safe and secure.

The extra charge that is delivered following a full charge of the case is as much as 100 percent. Following a full day of meetings and work, my phone battery remains fully charged from start to finish. That is the kind of power that I need to keep me connected all day so I can be productive. You can’t always find convenient power outlets, plus this case keeps me safe from walking and talking in the rain or in case my phone gets wet by a pool or on the beach. You can still work on the beach, can’t you?

In case you’re wondering what that means in terms of your usage, Mophie doles out the stats: it is 10 hours of Internet surfing, 11 hours of video playback, and 50 hours of music playback. I had no idea that Internet browsing with data was so costly for battery life.

Sure, the case is a bit big, but it is not that heavy (and slimmer than other versions), and I would do anything for extra battery power! It has openings for all of the relevant buttons needed by the phone itself.

This case does not come cheap, but the power-up ability that I get from having a double charge makes it more than worth the $130 cost of the device. It is available from the Mophie website or on Amazon.

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