I’ve long been a fan of excellent skincare products, especially when I can keep my routine minimal. That’s a huge payoff when I’m traveling, because I don’t need to pack a lot of product and I can focus on fewer, quality items. And since I have sensitive skin, it’s not always easy to find the right blend.


One of my favorite skincare items is Boum-Boum Milk from Violette_FR. The 3-in-1 spray is a toner, serum, and moisturizer in one container. Use it at night after cleaning, in the morning before makeup (if you choose to wear any), throughout the day, on the plane, whenever you need a boost. The rebalancing, hydrating, and soothing effects on the skin make me tote mine everywhere.


The probiotic-based solution contains fermented birch sap, glacial water, squalene, olive leaf extract, and more to hydrate, moisturize, and energize your skin. Violette_FR surpasses FDA cosmetic requirements for the United States, adhering to the stricter European Cosmetic Directive for safe ingredient use. There are no animal-derived ingredients and all have been verified to meet the animal testing ban for Europe.


Just spritz Boum-Boum Milk over clean skin and massage in. Use it on both your face and body. The texture is light, gentle and makes my skin glow. I’ll even re-mist throughout the day and use it on my hair when traveling.


Violette Serrat, the founder of Violette_FR, is a makeup artist who has had roles at Dior, Estée Lauder, and Guerlain—where she’s currently the creative director of makeup. Her goal for Violette_FR is to create products that are safe, effective, efficient, luxurious, and accessible.


Boum-Boum Milk comes in a 50-ml and 100-ml bottle for $43 and $64, respectively. Reuse your bottles and get the Boum-Boum Milk Refill for $105, so you can restock with less packaging and a higher value.

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