While I have a small travel jewelry box to bring along on my trips, I rarely do. Rather than have multiple jewelry options while on the road, I’d rather do a minimalist edit and bring very few pieces.

Part of that’s because I don’t want to have to keep track of more items than I need to, and part is because most of my trips consist of a variety of adventures that aren’t always jewelry friendly. Instead of having to decide whether my diving, surfing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, or swimming will be a problem for the jewelry I’m wearing, I’d rather leave it behind at home, or wear pieces that are hard to damage.

Tula Blue jewelry is made with nautical grade twine, spun by hand into the brand’s items for maximum durability. Crafted with freshwater pearls and genuine stones, the jewelry’s minimalist beauty is ready for all your adventures, and you can live in it whether you’re traveling, swimming, or hiking.

With collections for everyone (even kids), Tula Blue designs range from wrap bracelets to single pendant necklaces to countless ways to layer a few pieces together. Choose semi-precious stones, pearls, or metal options—or even combine all three, if you prefer. I like to choose just a couple of pieces, perhaps a necklace and bracelet, and then just lean in to that choice for an entire trip.

While the Tula Blue rope is durable, it will last longer with good care (the most common threats to the rope are razors and cats). Some stones can be broken if dropped, and pearls don’t love chlorinated environments. Otherwise, live your life with the jewelry you choose.

There is a wide variety of Tula Blue jewelry options—from necklaces to earrings, bracelets to anklets—and it’s worth a thorough look before you decide what fits your style best. The Minimalist Stack pictured in this post lists for $200 for all three items, or if listed separately: Dainty Princess necklace ($60), Dainty Loop earrings ($95), and Riptide bracelet ($45).

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