I was super excited to test out the DrySleeping Comfort System as someone who regularly gets overheated when sleeping. Even with the air conditioning turned way down, ceiling fans whirling overhead, and even using a cooling pillow, I tend to wake up sweating. To be honest, I wasn’t sure this product would work for me given that I almost always “run hot.”

Opening the box, the product seemed kind of klunky and confusing, but it was actually very easy to set up. Essentially, the system removes excess humidity from between the sheets to keep you from sweating. Even better, it comes in a convenient travel case so that I can use it when I am traveling. It was great when I realized there were no mechanical, bulky parts that would make it a pain to stuff into my carry-on bag when traveling.

It does require recharging after several uses, but it is easy to plug it in for extra power. It can even be done overnight without bothering you as it is a completely silent recharge. I found this useful on business trips, but its functionality works in so many environments including when camping or more humid climates.

The system keeps humidity away from your body, which can easily built up if covered up in sheets and duvets. I am simply hot-natured, but it works well for those that may be feeling ill and sweating a lot. The system lasts all night, and then during the daytime, the complete recharge takes about eight hours.

It retails for about $120 on the DrySleeping website, but it also available on Amazon. This is a great gift for those that have trouble sleeping especially if their partner is the opposite when it comes to sleeping styles and preferring a warmer temperature. As a frequent traveler that sometimes cannot control the air temperature (yes, I am talking about those many, warm Asian hotels in winter), this is a fantastic life saver.

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