Cube Tracker for keeping track of lost items

I’m a very organized person, so while at home and in my usual routine, it’s rare that I misplace important items, like my phone or my keys. (Of course, now that I’ve said that, I’ll immediately lose both, won’t I?) This said, when I’m traveling, all bets are off. I place my important items in new pockets of lesser used bags and duffels and spend way too much vacation time searching for my stuff.

Enter the Cube Tracker, which can be attached (by Bluetooth) to just about anything to find items fast. We could have used this the night we searched every bag in the family for our car keys in an airport long-term parking lot. Here’s how it works:

This little cube-shaped device is tethered to an item, such as your phone. When that item is lost, you can press the button on the Cube and your phone will ring, and its location will be pinged, if it’s in range. If it’s no longer in range, you’ll see the item’s last known location on your app.  You can use the Cube to locate your phone, keys, jacket, purse, or anything else of value. And what if you lose the Cube, you ask? You can use your phone to find it!

You start by downloading the Cube app (iPhone or Android) and tethering it to an item. You can take a photo of the item to easily identify what your Cube is attached to, in your app. When deployed, your Cube will make your phone ring even if it’s on silent, which is a nice touch. It can withstand rain, extreme cold temps and heat (mine has been fine stashed in my purse in a car on hot days, for instance).

Unlike a few other similar devices on the market, the Cube’s batteries can be replaced, so there’s no need to rebuy (they say they last about a year). You get one extra battery included with your purchase. I also like that the Cube has a ‘separation alarm’ feature that alerts you if you’ve left your tethered item behind (great for when you leave your table at a restaurant or your seat in the airport, for instance).

As an added bonus, the Cube can be used as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera, too. I have yet to use this feature, but find it fun. Pick up a Cube Tracker for just $25 on the Cube site. You can also find it on Amazon.

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